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Thread: Video / Media Player Issues with Firefox and Safari

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    Video / Media Player Issues with Firefox and Safari

    We are having major issues getting the videos to work on our site. We are using Amazon S3 and the new DAP S3MediaVault for pulling the video onto the site. The media player is Flowplayer, i assume by default or through the media vault. Not sure.

    On the Mac:
    When I load the page in safari, I get "html5: Video file not found" where the video should be on the page
    When I load the page in firefox, I get "flash: Video file not found"

    On the PC:
    When I load the page in safari in Windows 8, I get "Flash: Video file not found"
    And the same goes for firefox.

    It appears to be working on Chrome on a mac and a pc and IE on a pc.

    From researching the problem on the web, it appeared at first this was a metadata problem and something about Firefox and Safari not liking HTML 5. Thinking that was the problem, we thought we needed to load the video with the metadata content type as video/mp4.

    Unfortunately, this only worked for loading the page the first time. Any other time we went back to the page, we got the error message and no video.

    Has anyone had this problem? How did you fix it?

    Are there other players that will work with S3 Media Vault?

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    Re: Video / Media Player Issues with Firefox and Safari

    In checking this out further, here is what we are finding:
    flowplayer loads an external version of jquery instead of using the version that comes with wp, which is causing problems. The flowplayer/s3 plugin which appears to be in the S3Media Vault loads a copy of jquery plus other js libraries for each version. So, we are getting mulitple copies of the same library loaded over and over again... so it slows down the site... :-(

    As well, on the flowplayer site, we found the following information (http://flowplayer.org/docs/known-issues.html):

    Known issues

    • Entering fullscreen in Flash mode over http in some older browsers not supporting MP4 in HTML5 mode starts the video from the beginning. We recommend to provide either WebM or OGV to enable wide-range HTML5 video support.
    • The autoplay attribute is not supported on iOS.
    • The loop attribute is not working in some versions of Firefox.
    • iPhone and iPod do not allow inline playback in the browser. The native QuickTime component takes over entirely. They therefore also do not fully support the JavaScript API, especially when it comes to interaction with the page.
    • Native fullscreen is supported in Chrome 15+, Safari 5.1+ and Firefox 14+ and others will use full browser window. In Firefox 9+ the fullscreen is disabled and needs to be manually enabled at about:config (full-screen-api.enabled;true).
    • Some Chrome versions have issues with playing MP4 content. Workaround: List aWEBM before the MP4 source and/or set preload="none" as video tag attribute.
    • Chrome gets stuck when trying to load the same video twice, even in two different tabs.
    • Internet Explorer cannot handle anamorphic MP4 video.
    • Nokia N9 use native controls in fullscreen mode but the JavaScript API is still supported. So when you exit the video you can see flowplayer controlbar and the progress but not while video is playing.
    • Volume and mute state cannot be controlled on iOS and Android devices.
    • Flowplayer does not support playlists on Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 7 does not provide the video events that are required to successfully support a video playlist.
    So, not quite sure why flowplayer is used when it has so many compatibility issues that are known.

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    Re: Video / Media Player Issues with Firefox and Safari

    Thanks to Ravi for his incredible customer support! He reviewed the site for us and determined this was an issue with our server which is through BlueHost. Apparently, a 403 forbidden error was occurring with the video playing on Firefox and Safari, but we don't know why. We have now contacted Blue Host and they are trying to identify why this is occurring.

    Thanks so much!!!

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