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Thread: A couple of things I need help with

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    A couple of things I need help with

    Hi there!

    So I have mostly set up everything I need to. I have two questions:

    1. How do I modify the free sign up form? The one that is set up is super clunky looking, I want to get rid of background colour and border at a minimum.

    2. When you click on a user is there anyway to see what products they have access to, or is that information only available on the manage users screen and searching for their name?



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    Re: A couple of things I need help with

    Hi April,

    1. You can hire someone to update css/design of the generated form. We will release a better and more customizable version of sign up form in a few months.

    2. You can visit this page to login as the user:


    Replace yoursite.com with the name of your site.
    And you need to enter your own dap admin email / password to login.

    This way you can see exactly what the users will see. Best way to test user experience.

    Or you can see the list of products, access dates etc in dap users=>manage page.

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