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Thread: GetResponse Integration Help?

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    GetResponse Integration Help?

    Has anyone successfully integrated GetResponse and DAP ?

    I want to simply add the user using the 3rd party notify at the product level? to a campaign ... HELP :-)

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    Anyone using Getresponse?

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    Sorry, I use interspire email marketer
    That which does not kill me probably should have.

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    If it's a free product, then you can use GR webform and integrate it with dap.

    Users will be added to GR list first, then GR will send out a confirmation email. You can set the confirmation url (in the get response compaign settings) to point to a DAP URL.

    GR opt-in settings:
    1) http://screencast.com/t/Ujqq9DZHM
    2) http://www.screencast.com/users/VPra...5-7977ed91f8cb

    Set the confirmation URL to point to http://yoursite.com/dap/dap-getresponse-productID.php
    (NOTE: replace yoursite.com with the name of your site and productID with the DAP product id of the product you want to integrate with GR).

    3) You will see the following Opt-in Advanced setting.

    PASS FORM DATA (Advanced Setting in Opt-in)

    Forward Contact data "Pass via HTTP Post"
    Advanced Forwarding Pass contact data only

    Select "Pass via HTTP Post".

    4) Save the settings in GR

    Here's how you can create the dap-getresponse-productID.php file.

    a) download /dap/dap-getresponse.php to your desktop (you need to be on DAP 4.1 to access the script. Currently this script is not part of 4.1 but we will add it to 4.1 zip shortly)
    b) save dap-getresponse.php as dap-getresponse-productId.php (replace productId with the actual product id of the dap product. so if the dap product id is 2, then save the file as dap-getresponse-2.php )
    c) Update this line in the script -

    $default_product_id = 1; //Change this to match the product id of the dap product you want to integrate with GR

    5) save the file and upload back to dap folder on your site

    Thats it.

    For PAID products, please check if GR allows 3rd party email subscription. If yes, just put in your GR list email in the 3rd party notification id field in dap products page. That's it.
    If not, you can use the API integration to integrate your PAID products with getresponse as described in this document:


    For free products, you can use getresponse webform and use dap-getresponse-productID.php as described above.
    Or you can use the DAP direct signup form (http://digitalaccesspass.com/doc/add...p-signup-form/) and connect to getresponse just like you would do with paid products (via APIs OR 3rd party email integration).

    The integration for paid product is always from payment button -> payment processor -> DAP -> GR (via apis or via email).
    The integration for free product can be from getresponse webform -> DAP product OR it can be DAP direct signup form -> GR (via apis or via email)
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    I followed your tutorial but i get error when GR try to send confirmation data to DAP

    Error: Sorry, all fields are mandatory. Please go 'back' and fill up the missing information.
    What can be wrong?
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    Re: GetResponse Integration Help?

    >>Error: Sorry, all fields are mandatory. Please go 'back' and fill up the missing information. <<

    If you get this error, please contact GR support to find out why POST params are getting sent to the dap getresponse script upon signup via getresponse form.

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