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Thread: Google Analytics Conversion Tracking Code- Where to Place?

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    Google Analytics Conversion Tracking Code- Where to Place?

    Good Day,

    We would like to track conversions for our two membership levels and have set up a Google Analytics account to track both traffic and conversions.

    Where is the correct place to put the conversion code?

    Given that DAP automatically redirects a new member to the specified URL in the product's General Settings->Post-Login URL field, there is a bypass of the traditional Thank You webpage which is where I usually place the conversion code.

    If there is no Thank you webpage then I don't know where else the conversion code can be placed. If I put the conversion code in the webpage that the new member is redirected to after the purchase is made, then every time the member logs in thereafter it will be a false conversion.

    Any ideas/suggestions where the conversion code can be placed? Can it be added to the dap-thankyou.php file?

    Thank you.


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    Are you using dap generated button for Paypal? If yes, you can use 'redirect' tag in the button code to redirect users wherever you want after the user is logged-in upon purchase.
    See: http://www.digitalaccesspass.com/doc...oubleshooting/

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    Hi Veena,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    Yes, we're using dap generated buttons and after reading the page you provided a link to I was able to update the redirects for the buttons and then add the conversion code to the respective thank you pages.

    Thank you for your assistance.


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