You can configure the DAP IPN url in Nanacast so when someone buys via Nanacast , automatically an account will be created in DAP for them.

Simple 2 step integration:

1. Product names in DAP and Nanacast should exactly match.

2. Set the Instant Notification URL in your Nanacast account (Nanacast notifications : Activate Advanced Outgoing API) to point to (replace with the name of your site).

Nanacast => DAP - Userflow
NOTE: Use DAP to deliver/protect downloads by protecting the downloads/content in dap products page => ContentResponder section.

* Buyer clicks on the button (button created within your Nanacast account) on your sales page
* Buyer is taken to the Nanacast checkout page where they can complete payment
* Buyer completes the payment successfully
* Buyer is transferred back to whatever you set in the thankyou URL in Nanacast for the product.
* In the meantime, Nanacast notifies DAP about the purchase via Instant Payment Notification (IPN).
* DAP automatically creates the member account, and sends thankyou email (configured in your dap products page) with login info to the buyer.

Make sure to setup the thankyou email in the DAP products page (Email notification tab) for all the products you deliver via DAP.

* When the users login to their membership area, they will be redirected to either product-level logged-in URL or global logged-in url based on whether they have access to just 1 product or multiple products. The product level logged-in url is used if the user has access to just 1 product. The global logged-in url (under dap setup -> config -> post-login redirect url) is used when user has access to multiple products.
* Note: You can create a members area and redirect users to that page upon purchase. When the users login and access their members area, they can access the purchased products/downloads.