>> DAP Paypal IPN Error (Rejected): IPN Product Name = ... for user=j... does not match any DAP Product Name <<

Do you have a product outside of dap that you sell using paypal ?

Paypal requires that a global IPN be setup in paypal profile under instant notification preferences. But the global ipn does NOT get used if you use buttons for which button level ipn is set. When you use paypal hosted button or dap generated button, the button level ipn is set, so the global ipn does not get used even though our instructions tell you to set it to http://YOURSITE.com/dap/dap-paypal.php.

But if you have buttons where the button level ipn is not set (non-dap product), then paypal will use the global ipn url to notify of any activities via that non-dap button.

You can ignore the IPN email error if you use non-dap buttons to sell products. DAP will still receive ipn notification for these products but because a product name match is not found, dap will send out the ipn email error.

You have 2 options.

1) Ignore the ipn error email from paypal.

2) create a file called dummy.php with empty php tags like this:


Then upload this to the dap folder on your website.

Now change the Paypal global IPN (in paypal profile) to point to :

Instead of :

That should fix it.

The main thing is to make sure the global IPN is set and points to a valid URL.
It does not have to point to /dap/dap-paypal.php because dap uses button level ipn and does not need global IPN. The global IPN needs to be set (paypal requires it) and enabled in paypal otherwise button level IPN may not work.