That Does More Than Just Protect Content
    & Can Automate Your Entire Online Business?
    Better Software.
    Better Support.
    DAP (It's Just Better!)

DAP Offers You End-to-End, Total Membership Site Automation Payment Processing, Content Delivery, Email Marketing - In One Single Tool

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Made For WordPress

DAP works with WordPress like a dream! Deeply integrated with WordPress, yet a WordPress update will not break DAP. Also works with plain HTML and PHP sites.                                                          

One-time & Recurring Products

Sell both one-time products as well recurring subscriptions. Offer free and paid trials, lifetime or fixed-term subscriptions. Automated recurring billing. All details stored at payment processor.

Payment Processor Integration

Support for Paypal Standard, Stripe, Authorize.net, Paypal Payments Pro, ClickBank, 2Checkout, 1ShoppingCart, Infusionsoft, JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and many more

Email Service Integration

Add your buyers to third-party email service providers like Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, 1ShoppingCart and SendReach. Add to any custom list per product purchased or sign up in DAP.

Email Autoresponders

Unlimited pre-scheduled autoreponders. Set up different autoresponder series per product. Skip paying monthly fees to Aweber or Mailchimp. Synchronized drip to send email every time content drips.

Email Broadcasting

Support for Unlimited email broadcasting. Send emails to different groups of members or to all members right from the Admin Dashboard. Integrate both autoresponders and broadcasts with Amazon SES for high deliverability.

1-Click Upsells & OTO's

DAP's Shopping Cart allows you to do 1-Click Upsells and Downsells like the Pro's. Full funnel management starting from free subscribers to 1-Click Upsells & Downsells, and One-Time Offers

2-Tier Affiliate Program

Create a 1-tier (or optionally 2-tier) Affiliate Program so that your members can sign up to be your affiliates and promote your web site and get paid commissions when they refer new members.

Best Content Dripping

DAP has the best Content Dripping features in the industry. Drip WordPress pages, posts, categories, even regular files like .Doc, .Mp3, .MP4 and .Zip. Or skip dripping and make it all available from Day #1.

Content Protection

Protect WordPress Pages, Posts, Categories, Custom Post Types, HTML files, PHP files, PDF, Zip, .Doc, even Images. Do In-Page dripping of content using Shortcodes for partial content protection within a page.

File & Download Protection

Protect all kinds of files (Zip, Mp3, PDF, Doc, even images!) Use Amazon S3 for larger media, like Video and Audio and use our S3MediaVault plugin (free with some licenses) for playing HTML5 Videos with iOS support.

Unlimited Everything

Unlimited Products, Unlimited Membership Levels, Unlimited Members, Unlimited Affiliates, Unlimited Email Autoresponders & Broadcasting, Unlimited 1-Click Upsells, Unlimited Coupons... Unlimited Everything!

Customizable Content

All of your content is within WordPress, so it takes on look and feel of your WordPress theme. Customizable buy buttons, post-login pages, error pages, log in page, unsubscribe page, and more.

International & Non-English Support

Customize all of the member-facing DAP pages and also send non-English autoresponder & broadcast emails in any UTF-8 supported language - like French, Danish, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian and more!

Forum Integration

DAP integrates with all WordPress-based Forum plugins, like Simple:Press, bbPress, BuddyPress, and Mingle. For more powerful product-level options, integrate it with XenForo and vBulletin.

"DAP is a Winner!"

Mike Filsaime | MarketingDotCom.com

"What I love about DAP is that it is built by marketers, around the Wordpress platform.

So that means it is plug-n-play easy and robust out of the box. It works with the shopping carts I use and makes getting a project up and running easy.

When looking to manage your content, it is the perfect solution. Just look at the feature list. But what makes DAP stand out better than anything else is the support.

There is a reason they have raving fans and support is the answer.

In a nutshell, DAP is a Winner!"

    What Is DAP?


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    DigitalAccessPass (DAP) is a Membership Plugin for WordPress (and plain HTML/PHP web sites) used by 25,000+ users on more than 43,000+ web sites.

    It's a complete end-to-end, content-delivery platform for creating a membership site - or even just a password-protected private area - and securely delivering different types of content.

    • Provide both free and paid access to many different types of Content - like WordPress Pages, Posts & Categories, Videos, Audio files, PDF Reports, MS Office Docs, Zip files, HTML pages, and even Images!
    • Protect and Drip just about any kind of file with any type of extension.
    • Sell Unlimited Products (both FREE and PAID)
    • Create Unlimited Membership Levels (both FREE and PAID)
    • Sign-up Unlimited Members (both FREE and PAID).
    • Set up Unlimited Content Dripping (both FREE and PAID content).
    • Sell Recurring-Subscriptions as well as One-Time Products.
    • Offer Limited-duration Free and Paid Trials.
    • Sell access to even Live Events and Coaching Programs!

      What Does DAP Do?


      DAP does a whole lot more than just protect content. It allows you to automate both one-time payments as well as recurring subscriptions, upsell your buyers to add-on products and membership levels, deliver content and emails automatically to your buyers and members, market to them by email to sell more, recruit affiliates who can promote your products for a portion of your profits, and more...

      • Accept Online Payments via a whole range of carts and payment processors, like... SmartPayCart.com (SPC), Stripe, Authorize.net, ClickBank, e-Junkie, Paypal Standard (Business & Premier), 1ShoppingCart and all private labels, 2CheckOut, Infusionsoft, PayKickstart, SamCart, ThriveCart, Warrior WSO Pro, Google Checkout, JVZoo, DigiResults, and DealGuardian.
      • Accept Offline Payments via check or through any external payment systems (like Bank Transfers, for eg.)
      • Use our shopping cart plugin called SmartPayCart.com (SPC) for Stripe, Authorize.net and Paypal Standard so your members can check out and pay right on your web site. SPC is one of the most powerful, easy-to-use and customizable shopping cart platform for wordpress. It supports Drag and Drop Checkout Page Builder, Order Bumps, Multiple Payment Plans, 1-Click and Member's Area Upsells, Automated Membership Login, Visual Funnel Builder, One-Off and Subscription Products, Pre-Applied Coupons, Order Receipts, Dunning Management, Tracking, Storefront, Donation buttons, Pay-what-you-want buttons, AddToCart buttons and more!
      • Built-in Affiliate Program that lets you Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-Per-Sale with support for Paypal Mass Pay.
      • Lets you offer (optionally) up to 2-tier commissions to your affiliates. Built-in Email Autoresponders (Unlimited).
      • Send unlimited emails through your web host's email system.
      • Add your members who buy through DAP to your existing list from Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip, Infusionsoft, Zapier and more.
      • Don't have a third-party email service? Or don't wish to pay for those expensive email services? No problem. Simply connect DAP to Amazon's powerful and low-cost SES email system, and get super-high email delivery rates, similar to what you would get if you used third-party services like Aweber or MailChimp.
      • You could technically get rid of your third-party email service, and use just DAP and Amazon SES for all of your email marketing. And you would get the power and flexibility of doing it all from one location, plus the high deliverability of Amazon SES.
      • Built-in Email Broadcasts (Unlimited). Uses DAP & Amazon SES for broadcasts as well, completely by-passing your web host's lowly email delivery rates, and enjoy the high deliverability of Amazon SES for just pennies (10 cents for every 1000 emails sent - so if you have 5000 members, and you send them 2 emails a month, your email bill will be a whopping $1 (one dollar!) per month!
      • Synchronized Dripping: DAP is the only membership plugin that has this feature. Thanks to the integrated content dripping and email dripping features, you can set up reminder emails to go out to members informing them about new available content on your site, at the same time you've set up the content to drip. So if you're making a page with a video available on Day #14, you can also set up an email to go out on Day #14 with a direct link to that page with the video, and when they get there, if they were previously logged in, they can go right to the page. And if not, they will be asked to log in, and upon logging in, be automatically be redirected back to that page with the video.
      • International Friendly: Use DAP with sites in non-English languages like Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Japanese and even Chinese!
      • The DAP email autoresponder and broadcast system is one of the few available anywhere, that lets you send emails in non-English languages. Even some of the big email services don't have this!
      • Create a Multi-Blog, "Content & Affiliate Hub": This is yet another DAP-only exclusive where you can have one single DAP installation protecting and managing the content to multiple WordPress installations on one domain (eg. YourUmbrellaSite.com/Niche1, YourUmbrellaSite.com/Niche2 , etc). Of course, you can still have multiple sales-page only web sites so you can have niche-specific sales content on different domains, but you can then add all members and buyers to one main "umbrella" or "parent" site so both you and your members have just one place to go to in order to log in and consume your content.
      • PLUS the major advantage to this set up, is that your affiliates can now get paid for any and all purchases of all of your products, even if they're all being sold from different web sites. ... and so much more!

      "I could not be more grateful, or recommend their company more highly"

      Bree Argetsinger | TheBettyRocker.com

      "As a digital marketer who also buys digital products and services, there is probably nothing more important than getting support when you need it.

      I have a digital book and video course that I wanted to password protect. I had tried setting my system up using a membership program that resulted in constant issues, poor customer support and left me feeling very unsatisfied.

      I had heard about Digital Access Pass and been curious, but got suckered in by the flashy website the other guys (who shall remain nameless) had.

      After my experience with those "other guys" I revisited DAP and gave them a call. I couldn't have been happier that I did!

      Not only did I get to speak to Veena personally, she took the time to make sure that DAP was actually the right system for me.

      Once I purchased it, I got complete support from start to finish. I was integrating several systems - Optimize Press, Clickbank and Aweber.

      Not only were they great to deal with, they made me feel like my issues were important and that they were not going to stop until they had my system up and running.

      I could not be more grateful, or recommend their company more highly.

      They provide the kind of empathetic, quick support that I strive to provide for my own customers. They'll have my business for life!"

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      Why Buy DAP?

      The DAP "DNA"

      Once you look at our feature list, you probably won't need much convincing about why DAP is your best choice to power your Membership Site.

      However, there's more to software than just "features" (even though we would probably just as easily win the "Who's Got More Features?" contest)

      There are the intangibles... things that are less obvious, less noticeable, less exciting, hard to do, and way less glamorous. So we wanted to first tell you about the DAP DNA - the core of our existence that makes us totally different from everyone else.

      Built by "Geeky" (not "Greedy") Marketers

      Here at DAP, we roll out new features into the current DAP software all the time, so all of the new as well as existing DAP users can get them at no extra cost.

      We come to work every morning feeling like an underdog (even though we're one of the top two membership plugins), feeling the need to excel, feeling the need to impress our users, still having the extraordinary urge to be called the best, still feeling embarrassed when someone finds a bug or points out a shortcoming, having the same breathless, anxious feeling you have when you first launch a new product.

      Even to this day, we still have the same passion and commitment, and feel the same excitement for DAP, that we felt almost 6 years ago when we first launched it. And that's why, we're the most passionate software developers you will find anywhere.

      And we are in this for the long haul, because DAP is not just a business for us, but it is the blood that runs in our geeky veins.

      DAP is our favorite hobby, it is what we do on our "break" and on "vacations", because we're in this mainly to make a remarkable product - something that our parents would be proud of, and something that our kids will be excited to be a part of when they grow up. And making money is just a happy secondary outcome, not our primary objective.

      Not Just TECHnical Support, but FANATIC'nical Support

      If you see the hundreds of DAP reviews online, the one common thread you'll see that in all of them, is our famous, passionate, bordering-on-insanity technical support. We call it.. "Not Just Technical Support, But FANATIC'nical Support", our best-in-the-industry tech support service - for help when you need it.

      We list a phone number on our contact-us page for pre-sales questions and emergencies (can't say that about most of our competitors). And yes, it is a real, U.S.-based phone number - we're based in San Diego, California.

      You get Unlimited ticket-based support with your purchase of DAP. You can open as many support tickets as you want, and we will work with you until the issue is resolved. You have a direct hotline to the two main developers of DAP - Veena and Ravi - via the ticketing system. You can call us through our main number (listed on our Contact-us page) and talk to us directly. Nowhere else will you get such unfettered access to the core developers of a industry-leading software, but that's one of the intangibles we offer here.

      We develop it, we support it

      We develop all of our software in-house. We don't outsource our programming or development. Which means, when there is a bug, we know how to fix it - and we do it quickly. We are constantly monitoring changes to third-party services like Paypal, Aweber, Authorize.net, Stripe, Infusionsoft, ClickBank, etc - all of these companies make occasional changes to their API's. Which means DAP has to adapt to their changes as well. Which is why you need the expertise and quickness that comes with an in-house development team. Veena and Ravi - the 2 main developers of DAP - have a combined 40 years of development experience. They have spent nearly 26 of those (combined) on developing enterprise-level web apps for multiple Fortune-50 companies, and they've developed DAP with scalability, security, and extensibility in mind. Which means, DAP has been designed in such a way, that it is easy to keep adding new features over time without breaking existing features, and as your membership site grows from strength to greater strengh in numbers, DAP will scale and grow right with you, providing you the infrastructure and reliability of a large enterprise system - even though it only costs just a mere fraction of what such a robust system would cost.

      the pursuit of "Remarkability"

      In DAP, you get the "Most Cared For" membership software in the industry... bar none. Check out our release history, and you'll see how regularly we release new features and updates to DAP.

      And most importantly, notice how we're including so many features as part of the core DAP software. Features like a powerful shopping cart with 1-Click upsells and coupons, Content Dripping, Email Autoresponders & Broadcasting, a 2-tier Affiliate Module, In-page dripping, and literally thousands of other features are built right into the core DAP software. Buy any DAP license, and you get all of those core features, built-in, and for free.

      Don't forget to check out our blog, where you'll see how much our users love us, and appreciate the passion and effort we put into making DAP the best WordPress membership plugin on the planet!

      DAP does a whole lot more than just protect content. It allows you to automate both one-time payments as well as recurring subscriptions, upsell your buyers to add-on products and membership levels, deliver content and emails automatically to your buyers and members, market to them by email to sell more, recruit affiliates who can promote your products for a portion of your profits, and more.