October 15, 2010

DAP v3.9 Beta

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Hurrah! DAP v3.9 (beta) is finally here. And so is LiveLinks v1.4 (beta). [How to upgrade?]

They will be in “Beta” for about 7-10 days. After which, they will be available as a Production (Final) release.

Here’s the final list of what’s in v3.9:

  • [NEW] vBulletin integration
  • [NEW] ClickBank INS support:  No more need for “Email Processing” for CB
  • [NEW] HTML Email: Ability to send HTML copy in Double-optin emails, Thank-You Emails, Autoresponder Emails and Broadcast emails
  • [NEW] Ability to input Offline Orders (manually create a transaction)
  • [NEW] Referring Affiliate Id shows for every user on Users > Manage screen (if referred by an affiliate)
  • [NEW] Manually give credit to any affiliate for a sale (for offline purchases, input the user and purchase amount first)
  • [NEW] New Config to Disable affiliate commissions for “Free” users
  • [NEW] New field in user table: “user_name”. Used for forum integration. Once chosen, neither user nor admin can change their username. In compliance with vB forum rules.
  • [Enhancement] Suppress PHP 5.3 Deprecated errors
  • [Enhancement] User Id on Users > Manage page also now links to the edit user page
  • [Enhancement] Disallows special chars in password
  • [FIX] When a user name or email has special foreign characters, it was breaking the user search display. This is fixed.

Feel free to leave your question or comment below.


– Veena & Ravi

[Click here for instructions on how to upgrade your current installation]

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  1. I’ve been using the ‘ClickBank INS support’ for the past couple of weeks (thanks Veena) it works great!

  2. Hi Ravi,
    in this new version, I can remove the association between a subscriber and its referring affiliate (i.e. my JVPartners) ?


  3. After the upgrade the dap users list no longer displays from Manage–>Users Search, but instead “Oops, an error occurred in the database. Please try again or contact site owner”.

    The users are still present in the dap_users table.

  4. Are you planning to integrate with other forum softwares or just VBulletin? Also is it a completely seamless integration so you register on one and are registered on both?

    Do you offer a set up and design service?

  5. Thanks all for your comments.

    We will certainly integrate with other forum softwares in future. DAP already integrates with WordPress-based Forums – like bbPress, Simple:Press, buddypress etc in addition to vB.
    We plan to integrate DAP with SMF, phpBB etc in future.

  6. You said ” The DAP license is non-expiring. It’s just the access to upgrades/support that expires every 6 months.”

    How do I purchase access to upgrades/support for another 6 months? Tx

  7. Thanks, wan’t to test it BUT when I log into my Unlimited account I can only find 3.8? On question that’s maybe not direct linked to DAP but could be to WP. My site (running DAP 3.7) looks right BUT I don’t want the “drop-down” menus to show up and the when clicking on the get the message “You must be logged in..”. Can I hide some of the “Tabs” or submenus form showing up until I am logged in as member?

  8. Does DAP integrate with Google Checkout?

    I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere on the site. I did a site search & found a couple comments where it was asked but the questions weren’t answered. Thanks.

  9. Hey Ravi and Veena,

    What exactly is “ClickBank INS”? The No more need for “Email Processing” for CB has really got my attention. Does that mean there is no longer need for the email config setup and cron job between my site on DAP and CB?

  10. That is awesome! Time to purchase the upgrade. That’s most of my support issues with my products when my host mail server hiccups and it doesn’t communicate with CB and they don’t get their access email right away.

  11. Ravi

    Any date for Joomla compatibility yet?

    I’ve got an application just crying out for DAP.



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