June 16, 2011

Working Hard

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<UPDATE on 07/01/2011>
DAP v4.2 Beta has just been released, and is now available for download from the members' area.

Don't forget to watch in "Full Screen" mode

Ok, so did you see all of the amazing new 4.2 features in the above video? Very cool, eh? 🙂

Anyway, here's why things have been kinda quiet in the DAP world…

DAP v4.1 Is Final

DAP v4.1 is now officially "Final". It has been very stable for over a month now, but we were just holding ground in case any bugs get reported. So unless you've downloaded DAP in the last couple of weeks. better to re-download DAP v4.1 and LiveLinks v1.6 again, and upload them to your site. (Upgrading Your DAP Installation)

DAP v4.2 Is Coming Soon Now Here!

In less than 2 weeks, actually.

And here are all the features that are included…

  • [NEW] Shopping Cart "Check Out Page" can now be placed right inside WordPress pages using new merge code %%DAPCART%% , thus taking on the instant look & feel of your WordPress theme!

  • [NEW] Custom Fields (Hooray!): Admin can create new custom fields inside DAP

  • [NEW] Ability to customize shopping cart options: Like "Where did you hear about us", "Additional Comments", "Terms & Conditions", etc – on the DAP Cart's Checkout page

  • [NEW] Ability to include and customize Product-level Cart header & Cart footer HTML

  • [NEW] Complete redesign of the Products page. Now has a tab-based – so basically, the long Products page has now been chopped up into multiple, shorter tabs. The form has also been redesigned to make the Product setup a lot more intuitive and simple

  • [NEW] Improvements to "ContentResponder" section: DAP will now highlight (actually, down-play with a dull gray color) all of the blog posts/pages that have already been added to the product being viewed, so you can clearly see which ones are not protected.

  • [NEW] Dedicated Buy Button "Generator" Page

  • [NEW] Fully re-designed Config page – now you change multiple config items in one go, and click "Update" just once. Better description of fields, better organization of logical groups of configs, etc.

  • [NEW] "Help Tips" and "Tool Tips" added to many pages, making things much easier to understand

  • [NEW] Cleaner-looking forms and buttons in the DAP Dashboard

  • [NEW] "First Name" now part of User Search Criteria

  • [NEW] Improved Pagination on Users > Manage page. Eg., when you're on page 4 of the users list, and you take any action on any user on that page, previously DAP used to reset the user search back to Page 1. Now it's been fixed so that it will stay on same page.

  • [NEW] Improved "Pop Up" locations: Previously, popups for "Modify Dates" or "Add Affiliate" used to show up all the way on top of the page regardless of how far down you've scrolled on the Users page. Now, the popups will show right next to the clicked link.

  • [NEW] Personalized RSS Feed Links: Each of your members will now get their own custom RSS feed link, which they can then enter into their favorite feed reader, like Google Reader or iTunes, and the feed will be customized with only the content that they're eligible to view

  • [NEW] Coupons support for Authorize.net

  • [NEW] * "Add To Cart" Support for Authorize.net (and possibly Payments Pro too): Which means if you're using the DAP cart & Auth.net, your members will be able to buy multiple products in one purchase

  • [FIX] Change to DAP Shortcodes to remove empty breaks and paragraphs when hiding protected content

  • [FIX] "Missing spaces from error and notification browser messages" issue fixed


On top of that, there are so many other little tweaks and improvements, that don't merit a mention in the above list, but will make your DAP experience a much smoother one.

Well, that's about it as far as 4.2 is concerned.

As always, don't forget to add your comments below.


– Veena & Ravi