March 5, 2023

Product Dripping Made Easy!

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A membership site model is the most profitable online business model.

You can create different packages and offer different products / services with each package.

DAP comes with a "product chaining" feature that will allow you to automatically give your members access to additional products when they signup for your membership offer. 

You can give instant access or delayed access.

Watch this video to see how you can do this:

Give Instant or Delayed Product Access

Access to Bonus Products

Give members access to additional products (or bonus products) automatically when they signup for a product or course on your site. 

Access to Courses/Trainings

Give automated access to your products, course, trainings, etc. when someone joins your membership.

Delayed Access (Product Dripping)

You can delay access to your products! Give instant access, or delay access to the chained products by "days" (configurable) or give access on a specific date.

Access Removal

Automatically remove access to additional products when users cancel their membership. 

Sell individually PLUS with other products/membership

Sell your products individually and also make it available with other packages using the chaining feature. 

Automated Upgrade

Automatically cancel subscription to the old plan when they upgrade to the new plan.

Watch the video above for all the details.

Start a Newsletter

Starting a newsletter will cost you nothing if you have an online business, yet, it's the most valuable asset you own as a creator!

Yes, every creator needs to have a newsletter! 

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Invest in the Right Tools / Services

If you need help getting it all done, consider spending that $ on the right tools, services and people to make your life easier.

If you have a membership site but it's not taking off and you need help planning and taking it to the next level, do this:

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