May 21, 2022

The Most Profitable Membership Model

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The easiest way to make money from a membership site is by ---------?

Using the Support Model!

Membership site model is still the most profitable online business model... if you do it right.

Why many people fail is because they make it about "more content".

"I'll send you weekly content" is no longer attractive to people. 

Instead of the traditional content-based model where it's about creating/releasing content on an ongoing basis, which results in burnout for you and overwhelm for your members, make your membership site about supporting the people that have signed up for your one-off products!

Basically create one-off products that have a specific outcome (courses, challenges, etc.) and can be completed in a set amount of time. People like signing up for stuff that is not endless!

Use your membership site to offer ongoing support to people that signup for your one-off products.

People are not looking for more content. They are looking for more help/support when it comes to implementing what you teach.

So when you are thinking about creating a membership or changing your membership model, think about how you can offer services around your core product and make that be a part of your membership offer. 

  • Access to support
  • Access to coaching
  • Access to office hours
  • Access to events
  • Access to masterminds
  • Access to community
  • Access to your content library
  • Help with accountability, etc.

Use your courses, challenges to help people accomplish their goals and get a specific outcome. Use your membership site to support them in their journey. (DAP) is the MOST Powerful and Complete Membership Plugin for WordPress.

DAP comes with a built-in advanced learning management system for online courses. It's unlike any other LMS plugin or platform you may have used before.

DAP's LMS is loaded with features to help you increase your course engagement and completion rate because you can easily implement proven gamification techniques such as rewards, points, badges, countdown timers, animation, bonuses, task list, course reminders and more to help your students stay focused and get to the finish line!

And unlike other membership plugins, you don't have to rely on a 3rd party plugin to create a fully, gamified fun course or online challenge!

Whether you want to offer a digital product, download, online course, challenge, memberships, freebies, etc. you can do it all using DAP!

Watch this video to see how to Create Online Courses using DAP. 

Watch this video to see how to Create Online Challenges using DAP. 

Watch this video to see how to Create Digital Products using DAP. 

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