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"... I would highly, highly, highly, highly
highly, highly recommend (DAP)... "

Some excerpts from this totally unsolicited video from a DAP user.

"DigitaAccessPass was the best way to go..."

"I originally installed WishList Member... however, I stumbled across a number of problems... No. 1: You cannot drip feed content the way that I wanted to...."

"Forget WishList, forget Amember, use DigitalAccessPass".

Laura Wilson

WOW! Thanks, Laura!


"...used Wishlist for over a year
and ended moving to DAP"

Testimonial date: November 10, 2011

Dan Pfister

"I used Wishlist for over a year and ended moving to DAP and am very happy I did.

The reason I had to leave Wishlist is I kept losing data for customers and products. Their technical support tried to help but the problem was never resolved so I was forced to find a new home for my membership site.

I chose DAP and it has proved to be a very flexible and solid platform but the best part of DAP is the amazing technical support. Whenever I have a problem it always gets fixed fast."

- Dan Pfister
President, The Business Source Corp.


"... My experience with WishList has been horrific ... the worst I have encountered in 30 years of computing"

"My experience with WishList has been horrific.

  • Six hours spent trying to get their "page redirect" feature working. Eventually support told me that their was a bug in their latest vesrion, and fixed it. Thanks.
  • Integration with MailChimp does not work, as admitted by their tech support, though they advertise differently. I have had to add 30 people by hand, compare lists.. etc.
  • You cannot customize your Log in (they dont even tell you have to create a login PAGE, though it is possible, and the widget is missed by most users).
  • Password problems abound (over 150 password changes the first couple weeks, with my small list).
  • Registration page needs specialized CSS knowledge, as opposed to having WYSIWYG options for customizing it.
  • The control panel is very ambiguous and uneccessarily convoluted, with several different areas doing the same thing and conflicting with each others.
  • The automatic creation of about 10 "system" pages (Oops, you do not have access, etc.) actually puts these tabs on your site, forcing you to find each page and change it to not be indexed...
  • Support: no voice support-24 hours to answer an email, and the response asks some question, then another 24 hours for the next response. That is a joke.

Their advertising is slick though.

The tricky "Upsell," is their $20 per month Insiders group. Support even told me to join, rather than answer my question! They will also customize for you at significant charge, to do things the program should do in the first place.

Do some research and see the number of complaints and frustrations. I spent many many hours searching the internet for solutions to problems that came up (many with no solution). Their training videos are like those bad translations of Japanese electronics. They tell you everything except for those crucial missing bits that make it impossible to implement things properly. Search Google and you will see the only people happy with the program are marketing affiliates. it is not a professional piece of software. In fact the worst I have encountered in 30 years of computing."

From the Warrior Forum


Unsolicited: SpaceVidcast.com

"The big plugin in the industry is Wishlist Member and going in to this project I thought it would be the product I would end up with.

Boy was I wrong.

Other people rant and rave about their support, but in my experience I found them to be the slowest in responding, when they did respond the answer was wrong and even after I asked for a refund I don’t think I ever got it.

(WishList) does drip products / marketing very, very poorly.

Worst of all you have to go off-site, create an account with a third party and hope you don’t lose your customer in the process.

No on-site credit card processing (no matter what their support team says).

Wishlist does a great job of marketing themselves, but maybe if they spent a little less time making videos and a little more time adding features to keep up with DAP we would have gone down that road for Spacevidcast instead.

After a week long trial with each the clear winner was DAP.


So what did we do in the end?

When it was all said and done I actually purchased three plugins to get just the right ones to fit our needs: Suma Plugin, Wishlist Member and Digital Access Pass.

The final plugin we went with was Digital Access Pass.

Why? Because it does nearly everything on my features list and no other plugin comes even close!"

Benjamin Higginbotham


Unsolicited: Focused2win.com

"One of the things that I absolutely hated about WishList Member was in order to drip content I had to set up multiple levels of membership for each and every membership that I decided to have.

So, if I was going to offer a silver, gold, and platinum membership level I would not only have to set up each of those membership levels themselves, but I would also have to set up membership levels for each week or month of content I wanted to deliver. This became a very daunting and time-consuming task. It was actually one of the main reasons why I left the plug-in.

With Digital Access Pass they have what’s called the True Drip feature. What this means is you can actually select the post and assign a sequence for it to be delivered. For instance, if I create a membership called the Gold membership, all I would need to do is set the membership, and then protect the posts. After that, I just tell the software when to release the post to the members. So, if I wanted one posts to be delivered the day they signed up I can do that. Then, seven days later to deliver another post, and then seven days later I could deliver another post, and so on and so forth.

Very cool stuff."

Shannon Herod


Unsolicited: MarketingProfessor.com

"(DAP's) TruDrip Feature: This feature allows you to create a product, then assign content to that product, which is released to the subscriber in a given # of days.

NOTE: (With Wishlist Members') Sequential Content Delivery feature, administrators create a “product” (piece of content), and determine when *it* is released.

Rather than a stream of content for a given product, the admin has to create another product for the next month.

If there are multiple membership levels, buckle in. The admin has to create one product per level per month.

If you want to roll out 4 pieces of content a month and have 3 membership levels, you need to create 4 products per level, or 16 products a month, after 6 months you have created, (16*6) 96 products!

As you can imagine this becomes challenging (read more about it here).

Another NOTE: I reached out to the owner of Wishlist to discuss this, but as of yet haven’t heard back."

Travis Campbell


"Best damn decision I ever made"

Kirk Ward

"I started out with a long dissertation, naming names and comparing products. You know the products I've tried, and it probably won't do any good to re-hash the pro's and con's of them in a testimonial, so I'll just give you the feedback on the two major implementations. Some of the others were okay, some were pure junk. I've tried membership scripts with prices as low as $25 all the way to membership scripts that cost as much as $2, 997, before upgrades.

My fist membership script had been overly complicated and neither the developer or his tech support could provide a coherent explanation of how to perform most tasks. Overpriced software was solid, but inflexible, having been built for a limited, IM only, model. The developer did not even know what I meant when I started asking if the software could do drip content (this was in the days before everyone knew what it was). I had to have my own drip system coded to work with the membership script, and still did not understand the system after two years, so I looked for a replacement. By far, the worst customer service experience of the lot.

The replacement (Kirk is referring to WishList) for that was tightly integrated with Wordpress, but still did not have a true “drip” system. Getting something that would drip content was clunky at best. And when I was told by the developer that I asked too many questions, I realized I had made another mistake. Especially when six months later, the software broke, and the developer went into denial until over a half dozen threads about the same problem (subscribers being booted and lost access) went public.

By then, I had started looking again, and this time, went with the recommendations of some of your rabid fans on the “Warrior Forum.” Took me bout two weeks to feel comfortable with the software, and the rest is tweking and piddling. DAP does everything I can think of, and includes all the features I've wanted but couldn't find.

Best damn decision I ever made."

Kirk Ward


Unsolicited Blog Post

From Kirk-Ward.com

"I’m just moving over from Wishlist to DAP, and have to concur that the service is excellent. I think this is in part because the programmers are actually the developers amd promoters which gives them an innate knowledge of the product.

The Wishlist developers had to hire outside programmers and that extra layer of separation damages service and accuracy of response. The extra layer means the programmers do not hear the original question, and the technical support personnel cannot have a total understanding of the product.

Regarding some of the features that DAP is missing, there are simple solutions available. For example …

Integration with iDevAffiliate and Rapid Action Profis is easy if you get the $9 IPNRelay For Paypal from Stellar Web Creations (stellarwebsolutions.com/en/products.php#ipnrelay)

A simple php script will even allow you to integrate with almost any other piece of software. I have used it to integrate with at least four other pieces of software for at least two years. Software that Wishlist is getting excited about because they now integrate with that I have been using for over two years. (Yes, I used Wishlist for two years, until I was referred to DAP by several people who were aware of my complaints about the deficiencies of Wishlist.)

If you want to protect a partial post, until DAP gets a better solution, you can use a free WordPress plugin called “HidePost” (nguyenthanhcong.com/hidepost-plugin-for-wordpress/)

There are a lot of simple answers for any deficiency you can think of in DAP, and almost any other script you can find. The key is being able to communicate with a person who knows and understands the underlying code, and Wishlist does not give you true access to that. Only after you have been complaining about the same problem for six months, and discovered a half dozen forum threads from dozens of other users with the same problem MAY put you in in touch with someone who MAY know the code. But, is not the actual coder."

Kirk Ward


"... DAP has been my Wordpress
Membership Site's Saviour! ... "

Tawnya Sutherland

"DAP has been my Wordpress membership site's saviour!  We already had our website set up with other competition software but found out that it wouldn't suit our needs for a true drip campaign product.  That's when I came across Digital Access Pass.  

DAP makes it super easy to set up a simple content drip product even if you have different membership levels. No more having to make 36 products and put into sequential delivery just to get a one year 3 level drip campaign.  DAP is simple...just 3 products for the same content drip product

Not only can you drip content like videos, pdfs, documents and audios but this fabulous software also gives you the option to drip emails into the product too...what a fantastic idea!  I also love the fact that it has it's own built in affiliate program.  Who better to rave about your product then the members themselves?

So far this membership software surpasses my expectations and the customer service is quick to respond, friendly and always willing to help me with any questions I have.  The one thing I really like about their customer service is that they listen to what we, the customers want,  and include our requests quickly into newer versions of the software. 

I like the fact that you can allow members to see specific posts, pages and even categories...this software is amazing and a true asset to anyone wanting to set up a membership using Wordpress.

I could go on forever about this superb Wordpress Membership software...way to go RAVI!"

Tawnya Sutherland




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