November 27, 2012

DAP v4.4 Beta

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[Update: 01/15/2013: DAP v4.4.3 is now "Final" ]

Hey Dapper!

We’re super thrilled to announce the release of DAP v4.4 and LiveLinks v1.8.3.

An incredible amount of time and effort went into this one – so we’re really excited about this new release!

There are tons of new features, improvements and bug fixes. A lot of the new features were based on your invaluable feedback – so thank you for that.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

New DAP Features

  • NEW: Buy-Button Links are here! You can now generate Buy Links right from within DAP. Previously, the DAP buy buttons were a form code. Now you can have them be an actual link. Very handy when you wish to use a pricing table plugin that allows you to enter only links (and not buy-button form code).
  • NEW: Negative Dripping Day for Email Autoresponders: To send an email X days before the user’s access expires to that product, set the usual drip day ("Day to Send") to a negative number on the "Email Autoresponder" tab. For example, setting the "Day to Send" field to "-3" would send out that email 3 days BEFORE the user’s access to that product ends. So you can use this to send out renewal reminder emails. And you can set up multiple of those too – one that goes out on -7 (one week before expiration), one that goes out on -3 (three days before expiration) and one that goes out on -1 (one day before expiration). Date of expiration (access end date) is actually day 0 – but DO NOT USE 0, because 0 is not allowed at this time. Reverse dripping HAS to be a negative number. So -1 would be one day prior to actual access end date.
  • NEW: Encrypted Passwords with 2-way encryption: All passwords in DAP are now encrypted and stored in the database. For current DAP users, un-encrypted passwords will initially work as usual. And every time the DAP Admin updates a user’s password, or a member updates their own password, from that point onwards, the plain-text password will become encrypted.
  • NEW: DAP Admin User can no longer see member passwords. DAP Admin can change everyone’s existing password (their own, as well that of others), but can no longer see what they are.
  • NEW: Login As Member: Not being able to view a member’s password brought a new challenge: How can the DAP Admin login as a member to see what they’re seeing – a critical feature during initial testing as well as troubleshooting a live site when a member says they’re having trouble accessing certain content. So we have introduced a new "Login As Member" feature, where the DAP Admin would go to This page will present 3 form fields:
    1) Email id of member you wish to log in as.
    2) DAP Admin Email
    3) DAP Admin Password
    So once DAP verifies that it is indeed the DAP Admin trying to log in as someone else, DAP will log you into the site as that member whose email id you entered in (1) above.
    NOTE: The Login As Member (LAM) feature does NOT mean that you can use just one browser to log in as both DAP Admin and regular member. You still need to use two separate browsers – one for DAP admin (like Chrome) another for regular member (Firefox). All LAM does is give you a workaround for logging in as someone else, because starting 4.4, the DAP Admin can no longer see what the member’s password is in order to log in as them.
  • NEW: New tab on Products page – "Cancellation & Expiration".
    This tab has 3 new settings:
        1) Renewal HTML: You can enter HTML here that will show up on an expired user’s "My Content" page right under the product info (before the links are displayed).
        2) Post-Expiry Renewal Redirect URL: This is the URL to which a user is redirected to, right after they log in, if…
            a) Access to this product has expired,
            b) Setup > Config > Redirect Expired Users to Renewal Page Upon Login? has been set to "Y"
            However, if the user has access to multiple products, and access to more than one of those products has expired, then they will be redirected to the equivalent global field at Setup > Config > Post-Expiration Renewal Redirect URL (Global) right after they log in.
        NOTE: For any kind of renewal redirection to take effect upon log in, you must also set Setup > Config > Redirect Expired Users to Renewal Page Upon Login? to "Y"
       3) Expiration Action: Options in the drop-down are:
           a) No Action: Means status quo – nothing special or extra will be done if a user’s access expires to this product.
           b) Remove from Product: Very useful if you have a non-dripping subscription product, where if a user cancels their recurring subscription, you want to fully remove them from the product.
           c) Set End Date To Previous Day: This is a "rolling window" feature, useful if you want people to be able to pause their membership, come back and re-join, and get their access current (the entire period for which they were a member keeps rolling forward even if they left in between for 6 months, so that there is no "gap" in their access. So even if they leave in between for 6 months and come back and re-subscribe, it will be as though they never left.
  • NEW: Autologin for Aweber-to-DAP flow. Previously DAP would only auto-log in those signing up from the DAP signup form. Now even those signing up through an Aweber sign up form can be auto-logged in to DAP.
  • NEW: Super-simplified Aweber-to-DAP integration. Just point your Aweber list’s thank-you URL to That’s it! No more fiddling with code, or renaming files, etc.
  • NEW: Better looking default free signup form for DAP
  • NEW: Custom Fields: DAP Admin can now make a user-facing custom field to be a "Required" field. So when it shows up on the user’s own profile, they must fill it out, and cannot update their profile without entering data in the field.
  • NEW: DAP logs older than 5 days, will now be automatically cleared to make sure the log table doesn’t grow too big.
  • NEW: DAP Admin Panel now displays "Logged in as: <First><Last>" at the top of every screen right below the menu. It will be a hyper-link that will take you directly to the User-Edit page for the admin where you can modify the DAP Admin user’s profile.
  • NEW: Ability to configure Post-unsubscribe URL (see new CONFIG item below)
  • NEW: Ability to delete saved Autoresponder emails (On Email > Autoresponders page) completely from system – which will also delete it from all DAP products that it has been added to.
  • NEW: Option to automatically flush the login IP records of all users in the system, every X number of days. See new config item below "Flush Login IP Records How Often?"
  • NEW: Ability to flush the login IP records of an individual user, by clicking on the new "Flush all Login IP records for this user" link on User-edit page.
  • NEW: User-edit page shows all of the user’s login history with IP’s and time of log in
  • NEW: Ability to exclude individual users from IP monitoring, like say those with a high IP reset rate because they have dialup, or because their ISP assigns them a new IP way too often than the others. New field on User-edit page "Exclude From IP Monitoring"
  • NEW: Users > Manage page shows two new colums for every user: "Last Login Date" (date when user last logged in) and "Login Count" (how many times user has logged in so far) 

New Affilate Features

  • NEW: Affiliate email notification of Commissions earned as well as Leads generated. You can configure the content of the email sent to the affiliate under Setup > Templates.
  • NEW: The "Lead" notification email is sent instantly when the lead/buyer is first logging in to the member’s area. The "Sale" notification email is sent at the top of the hour when the DAP hourly cron runs.
  • NEW: The Affiliate Email Notification feature itself is configurable. It is set to "No" (don’t send notifications) by default. Just set it to "Yes" in Setup > Config to turn it on.
  • NEW: You can enter merge tags like….
    • %%PRODUCT_NAME%%
      And if you want the affiliate to see their referral’s name and email, you can additionally use these in the email…
    • %%BUYER_EMAIL%%
  • NEW: "View Affiliate Traffic" button on "Affiliates > Reports" page that now allows you to see incoming affiliate traffic for a given affiliate and date range
  • NEW: Allow affiliate payment in credits. You can now set up Commissions in "Credits" – You can assign Per-Lead Fixed, Per-Sale Fixed and Per-Sale Percentage all in "Credits" as well (previously, it was only "Cash" commissions). NOTE: In order for your affiliates to redeem those credits and use it to purchase your content, you will need the new CreditsStore plugin (previous known as "Self-Service Store" (SSS) which will be sold separately, and released shortly.
  • NEW: Configure First-Cookie or Last-Cookie wins? Default: Last-Cookie
  • NEW: Configure Affiliate Cookie Length (in days). Default: 365

New Merge Tags & ShortCodes

  • NEW: New shortcode for customizing the user profile: [DAPUserProfile].
    You can now pick and choose which fields appear on the user profile page using this shortcode. You can also choose to display all user-facing custom fields (showCustomFields="Y"), or only select custom fields (showCustomFields="cbnick,ssn"). Default is "Y" for all fields – so even if you don’t enter showFirstName="Y"  for a field, it will show up by default.
    The full list below is the same as entering just [DAPUserProfile]:

    [DAPUserProfile showFirstName="Y" showLastName="Y" showUserName="Y" showEmail="Y" showAddress1="Y" showAddress2="Y" showCity="Y" showState="Y" showZip="Y" showCountry="Y" showPhone="N" showFax="N" showCompany="N" showTitle="N" showPaypalEmail="Y" showOptedOut="Y" showCustomFields="Y"]

  • NEW: New Shortcode [DAPUpline]
    Basically, this shortcode shows a user their referring Affiliate’s (a.k.a Sponsor’s) information. So when a user visits the page that has this shortcode, it will display information of that user’s referring Affiliate – either from cookie (if exists), or if they’re already a member, then their current Affiliate’s information. And if neither the cookie is set, nor the user has an Affiliate attached to their account already, then it will show the info of the DAP Admin). So you can use it to show the user information of the person (affiliate) who referred them to the page. Think of it as a "Your Sponsor" tag.
        [DAPUpline showField="first_name"] – To show affiliate’s first name, use this
        [DAPUpline showField="last_name"]
        [DAPUpline showField="user_name"]
        [DAPUpline showField="email"]
        [DAPUpline showField="address1"]
        [DAPUpline showField="address2"]
        [DAPUpline showField="city"]
        [DAPUpline showField="state"]
        [DAPUpline showField="zip"]
        [DAPUpline showField="country"]
        [DAPUpline showField="phone"]
        [DAPUpline showField="fax"]
        [DAPUpline showField="company"]
        [DAPUpline showField="title"]
        [DAPUpline showField="paypal_email"]

        For Custom fields…
        [DAPUpline showField="custom_<customfieldname>"]

  • NEW: New parameters for existing shortcode, [DAPUserLinks]
        a) showProductCount => ‘Y’: If set to "Y", then the message "You have access to (X) products" will be displayed. If set to "N", it won’t be.
        b) showRenewalHTML => ‘Y’: If set to "Y", new product level field "Renewal HTML" will be displayed giving clear indication that the user’s access to that product has expired.
        c) productId parameter can now accept multiple product id’s separated by a comma if you wish to show "My Content" only for a select number of products.
  • NEW: 3 new merge tags for email, all available in a product-related context
    3. %%ACCESS_END_DATE%%

New Configs & Internationalization

  • NEW CONFIG: Flush Login IP Records How Often? Every….. ? Login IP records in the system will be flushed/reset as often as you configure here.
  • NEW CONFIG: Last Flush Date of Login History: Shows date when all users’ login history was last flushed (reset)
  • NEW CONFIG: Post-Unsubscribe URL: New config item. URL to which User is redirected to, right after clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of DAP emails.
        Defaults to /dap/unsubscribed.php
  • NEW CONFIG: First-Cookie or Last-Cookie wins? New config that allows you to set the affiliate module to be "First Cookie" or "Last Cookie". Default: Last Cookie wins.
  • NEW CONFIG: Affiliate Cookie Length (in days): New config that allows you to set affiliate cookie expiration days.
  • NEW: New customizable variables in /dap/inc/language/english.php
    //———- Added in v4.4 ———//
    define("AFFILIATE_INFO_PERFSUMM_SUBHEADING","Affiliate Performance Summary"); //used only in dap/index.php
    define("AFFILIATE_INFO_HEADING","Affiliate Details"); //used only in dap/index.php
    define("MSG_NO_COMM","Sorry, no commissions earned yet.");
    define("USER_PROFILE_SUCCESS_MESSAGE_USER","SUCCESS! Your profile has been updated.");
    define("MSG_ERROR_EMAILEXISTSVB", "Sorry, this email id is already in use in our vBulletin Forum. Please try using a different email id.");
    define("MSG_SUCCESS_USERUPDATE_NOVB", "SUCCESS! Your profile has been updated, but could not register this username in our vBulletin Forum. Please contact the site admin for help.");
    define("AUTOMATED_AUTORESPONDER_EMAIL_SUBJECT", "New Content Available:\n%%CONTENT_NAME%%");
    define("MSG_INVALID_PASS","Sorry, the password you have chosen contains special characters. Only Alphabets and Numbers allowed. Please go ‘back’ and choose a different password.");
    define("USER_PROFILE_NEW_PASSWORD_LABEL_DAPUSERPROFILE","Password<br/>(only if changing)");

List of Improved Features

  • IMPROVED: Products > Manage screen will remain on same tab after saving the product – will not switch back to "General Settings" tab.
  • IMPROVED: "Earnings Report By Product" report on DAP Admin home page now includes refunds (previously, reported only net – now separately reports Sales and Refunds).
  • IMPROVED: Better support for Internationalization (non-English characters). Previously, on some DAP screens, junk characters were showing when name had certain non-English characters. That’s fixed now.
  • IMPROVED: Affiliate > Reports page now shows today’s date as default for Start and End date (was previously blank and was confusing).

List of Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Currency symbol issue in aff details page. Instead of a currency sign (for the Euro) "€" was showing up. That’s fixed now.
  • FIXED: Use paypal email in mass pay if exists – if not use main email id
  • FIXED: There was a fatal error when WP admin tried to update a regular user’s password via WP Admin User profile page. Fixed now.
  • FIXED: Syncing was not working when using two blogs protected by one installation of DAP. It was syncing to the first blog visited by user, but not to the other one(s). Fixed now.
  • FIXED: "States" in the User Profile page is now a free-form text field. Both User (on user profile page) and DAP Admin (on user-edit page) can edit this and type in free-form text in this field.
  • FIXED: "Payer Email" field in the transaction table is updated when user changes their own email in their profile AND also when DAP Admin changes email of user from the DAP Dashboard
  • FIXED: When a user updates their profile info, confirmation message will now show below button too (and not just at the top of the form, where they would miss seeing it if they didn’t scroll up). Not even applicable any more with the new [DAPUserProfile] shortcode.


There a few critical things you need to remember to do BEFORE you upgrade.


Self-Service Store Users: DO NOT UPGRADE

Due to the new version of "Credits Store Plugin" (SSS) coming out shortly, the current version of SSS will no longer work with DAP v4.4. We will work with you offline to make sure you’re able to upgrade. Please open a ticket for that. For now, if you are currently using SSS actively on a live web site, then do not upgrade to 4.4. But if you just own a copy of SSS, and are not currently using it, then you may go ahead and upgrade.

This release is BETA – not for use on already LIVE web sites with ongoing sales

If you’re already running a live web site that’s generating sales, then you should probably skip this beta release, and wait for the final release.

However, if you’re just getting started with DAP, or if you are at least 2 weeks from launching, then we highly recommend that you upgrade to this version, as it has so many usability features and fixes to nagging issues from the past, that it will make things a LOT easier for you during setup and maintenance.

You MUST log out WP Admin & DAP Admin Before Upgrading

Before you upload the files, simply log out of WP Admin. If you’re on 4.3.1, then you will also be automatically logged out of DAP Admin. But if you’re on an earlier version of DAP, then be sure to visit to log out of DAP Admin. Only then upload "dap" as well as "DAP-WP-LiveLinks" files (see instructions below).


The features listed above are just the part of core DAP that has changed.

We still have 2 major releases coming up very soon!

1) The spanking new "Credits Store" plugin

This plugin was formerly known as "Self-Service Store" (SSS). We’ve completely built this new one from the ground up.

If this is something you’ve been wanting to do, then you’re absolutely going to go nuts when you see the kind of features we have included in this new plugin. It even has a couple of related child plugins for WordPress that will allow you to some really cool stuff!

It will all be part of the new Credits Store plugin that will be released in 1 week.

2) The fully updated "Paypal Upsell-Tree" plugin

An all new, exciting look & feel for the cart, and many more enhancements. You’re going to absolutely love this if you wish to do Upsells with a Paypal Standard account.

And this one comes out in 2 weeks.

So, we hope 4.4 was worth the wait for you :-). We would love to hear your thoughts, so don’t forget to leave a comment (or two) below.

Cheers and happy holidays!

Veena Prashanth & Ravi Jayagopal
DAP Queen & DAP Daddy

PS: Don’t forget to leave your comments & thoughts below 🙂



Click here to download DAP v4.4 and LiveLinks v1.8.3

Click here for instructions about Upgrading DAP

Click here for instructions about Upgrading LiveLinks

NOTE: If you don’t see the latest files in the member’s area, that’s probably because your 1 year of free access to DAP Support & Upgrades have expired, and you can renew here. If you think you should have access to DAP v4.4 and LiveLinks v1.8.3, then please open a ticket and we’ll take care of it. Thanks!

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  1. AWESOME list of features, thank you so much. Especially love the database encryption aspects, this was overdue. Thanks for keeping the product relevant and supported, much appreciated.

  2. WOW guys, what fantastic work you have put in. I will be looking forward to the full release.

    So many features but I am glad you have this better now “NEW: Login As Member” As I have always had to work in two browsers for that one previously!

    Cant wait to see it all!!


  3. Sweet upgrades Ravi and Veena! Not sure which one I’m most excited about but affiliate reward emails, Aweber direct integration (which will allow for split testing of opt-in forms more easily!), and login as user seem the most immediately useful.

    Guess it’s time to redo my Discover DAP course 🙂

  4. Thanks Ravi & Veena!

    Looking forward to updating to this new release. I already see a couple of things that will be quite useful for me. Thanks a lot for the continuous improvements of an already great product 🙂 My site has some custom made code and I will wait til it goes out of Beta.. since it will take me while updating the site to new. Two questions regarding that.

    1. By when do you expect to be out of Beta (more or less)?
    2. Release 4.4 is also going to be encrypted as 4.3?

    Thanks! Cheers,


  5. Veena & Ravi — as I read through this post I felt like a kid at Christmas hoping that Santa left toys I had asked for. You should have seen the big grin on my face as I saw my top 3! 😀

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you Veena and Ravi! You two rock and I’m so grateful for your talent and commitment to this amazing product.

  7. Thanks! I find it great, that you work so hard on the development of this software. I’m a very happy costumer. This software is much better than M****-Mebers.

  8. Great to see the new features.

    Any plans to let us send an automatic email to members if they can’t be renewed or expire?


  9. Yeah Ravi and Veena!

    Thank you for this fabulous upgrade! I’m most thrilled about this feature, ” Ability to exclude individual users from IP monitoring.”

    Roughly 10% of the clients in my membership club live outside the US and their ISPs change their IP addresses so often that the members are constantly being locked out of Dap.

    This change will eliminate customer and customer support headaches and allow me to continue to protect my content, and not need to “unlock” the whole membership globally.

    Thanks heaps!!


  10. Thanks everyone for awesome comments :). We appreciate your support. It makes us want to do even better every release.

    >> 1. By when do you expect to be out of Beta (more or less)? << 3-4 weeks as there are a lot of new features and updates to existing. >> 2. Release 4.4 is also going to be encrypted as 4.3? << Correct. Thanks, Veena

  11. Fantastic set of new/improved features there – great work Ravi/Veena, can’t wait to get stuck in with this (and the new SSS beta of course!)


  12. Not “one of” the best but THE best thing that’s happened for my site was finding Ravi, Veena and DAP. It’s not even a chore to manage things. It’s a pure blast! And all these feature upgrades are another testament to how much they care about what they produce. Thank You for re-instilling in all of us that there ARE people that actually care and listen to what their customers need!

  13. Love you guys! Thank you for all the great work you do to take care of us and looking out for our upgradable future! DAP has changed my life as a business owner and creative entrepreneur. It looks like the new features here are going to open some doors for expanding my member site in 2013, which BTW is growing in leaps in bounds and DAP has helped make that possible. Keep up the great work and I’ll see you when the final 4.4 release is out.

    Lewi Glenis – Director
    ParallaxMind™ Members Monthly

  14. One of the things I love about DAP is the continued development and improvement of the product.

    I’m pretty excited about the new features in DAP4.4, in particular the affiliate improvements and the buy buttons.

  15. I am just about to leave Aweber and move my email contacts all to DAP, using the Amazon SES solution new in 4.3.1 I swear, I was going to write you today about my concerns over security in the database, when I read about 4.4 and the new encryption. Thank you.

  16. Hi Ravi and Veena,
    Appreciations that you continue with your DAP upgrades and support services thereof. It’s very important to folks [me] that require your plug-in order to operate their membership sites, and as a way to keep-up with competitor offerings.
    All the Best!

  17. >> Will current SSS owners get upgraded to the new Credit Store plugin? << Yes, current SSS owners will get access to the new CS plugin. If you are ok with implementing the new Credit Store and then manually giving access to the existing SSS users to the new credit store, it will work. It will not be automatic transition. There is no way to automatically migrate the existing users of SSS to the new creditstore as the table format and APIs for creditstore is completely different from what SSS had. CS is not compatible with SSS. If you already have a lot of SSS users, then please do NOT upgrade to DAP 4.4. Contact us via support ticket and we will work with you on the best way to upgrade. The current SSS owners will NOT get access to the new "Social Media Credits" and 'Comments' plugin. You will have to purchase this plugin separately if want to allow users to get credits after a Social Media LIKE (integrated with Facebook, Twitter, GPlus and Linkedin) OR if you want to allow credits for 'Comments' (can be enabled at page/post level). Thanks, Veena

  18. Hi Veena – Thanks for your reply. I’m somewhat confused with what I’ve read.

    >> Yes, current SSS owners will get access to the new CS plugin. <>The current SSS owners will NOT get access to the new “Social Media Credits” and ‘Comments’ plugin. You will have to purchase this plugin separately if want to allow users to get credits after a Social Media LIKE (integrated with Facebook, Twitter, GPlus and Linkedin) OR if you want to allow credits for ‘Comments’ (can be enabled at page/post level).<<

    So, is there a difference between Credit Store and Social Media Credit and Comment?

    I thought they are all inside Credit Store.

  19. >>So, is there a difference between Credit Store and Social Media Credit and Comment? I thought they are all inside Credit Store. << The Credit Store plugin will include: 1) New-look store 2) Ability to do user-level credits (credits earned can be used towards any products in the store) 3) Ability to customize the look&feel of credit store 4) Display-1-product-per-row OR multiple-products-per-row (2,3,4 etc.) 5) Create multiple store pages (one-per-category) 6) Credits when user purchases a one-time product 7) Credits upon Subscription/Recurring payment (separate from initial / trial credits) 8. Credits for free-sign-ups 9) Affiliate Credits (lead and sale) We have a separate plugin for other ways to reward your users with credits. We have included all that in a new plugin called 'DAPCredits' that includes Social Media Credits and Comment credits. The Social Media/Comments credits is not directly related to the Credit Store itself. Everything you need for the CORE credits store is all already included in the main Credit Store plugin. Hope this helps. Thanks, Veena

  20. >> Will the ‘DAPCredits’ plugin connect with LinkedIn? << Yes, it will work with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and G+.

  21. Hi Veena,

    All those new features are fantastic. It shows how dedicated you are. I have a question:
    Do you plan Super-simplified GetResponse-to-DAP integration as well or is it only for Aweber? If yes, when do you plan to do it?

  22. Hi Rumi,

    We have fixed all the beta testing issues that were reported to us. The release is pretty stable. You can certainly use the latest release and let us know if there are any issues, we will address it asap.


  23. Have you added support for plugin notifications on chained products yet? I can’t see it in the list of changes and it’s the 1 thing I am missing from having the perfect setup thanks to dap.

  24. Hi Kyle,

    Yes, we have added support for plugin notifications on chained products even though we forgot to mention it in the 4.4. feature list :).


  25. Sorry I forgot to ask but is the new version of LiveLinks compatible with WP 3.5? I have noticed a lot of WP plugins have had issued with the update.

  26. Hi Ravi and Veena,

    Just a quick question. Is the Beta testing over for the update? I wanted to update, yet just didn’t want to do it too quickly before the buggie stuff was worked out.


  27. Hi Norman,

    >>. Is the Beta testing over for the update? << It will be final in the first week of Jan. We will send out an email when it's out of beta. Thanks, Veena

  28. Hi Kyle,

    >>Sorry I forgot to ask but is the new version of LiveLinks compatible with WP 3.5? I have noticed a lot of WP plugins have had issued with the update. << Yes, new version of livelinks is compatible with WP 3.5.

  29. Happy new year!

    Those features mentioned above. Are we there yet? What is the ETA?

    Very keen to deploy on new site with all those interesting features.


  30. >>Those features mentioned above. Are we there yet? What is the ETA? << Are you referring to DAP 4.4. features? If yes, then all the features are already there in dap 4.4.2 (beta) and we will be making 4.4 FINAL this weekend. Thanks, Veena

  31. Great news and great new features. One request guys. Could you please send out emails when new update is available. If I didn`t go to my admin area to download DAP for my new website I wouldn`t even notice there is new version. I clicked on Blog here and found it. Maybe RSS will solve this. I check all kind of subscriptions every morning. Anyway, good work and great support.

  32. Hi Rockwell,

    If you already had access to SSS and your yearly access to support/upgrades to DAP and SSS has not expired, then you can download the new CS plugin from

    If you already have active SSS users, then there is no migration path from old SSS to new CS as everything has changed with new CS plugin. If you want to migrate current SSS users to CS, please contact us via support ticket. Do not upgrade to dap 4.4.x or new CS until you have contacted us via support ticket (if you have existing SSS users).

    If it’s a new CS setup, then please use this document to set it up and let us know how it works out :).

    1) Introduction

    2) Installation

    3) Setup


  33. Hi Veena,

    I guess I may be a little “thick” on this, but since I didn’t get an e-mail, I’m just wondering for sure if it’s ok to go ahead with the update on my site? Is the “final”, final?


  34. Hi Veena,

    Ok, I just figured it was “final” final and went ahead and did the install. Things seemed to go just fine. Now to get a peek under the hood for all the new features.

    Thanks again,

  35. Hi Lon,
    Please log in via WP admin, then update your dap admin password once (even if it is to the same old password), and then it should work fine going forward.


  36. You read my mind – it was previously highly annoying to unlock users with dynamic IP’s. Thanks for getting this done.

    NEW: Ability to exclude individual users from IP monitoring, like say those with a high IP reset rate because they have dialup, or because their ISP assigns them a new IP way too often than the others. New field on User-edit page “Exclude From IP Monitoring”

{"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}