December 12, 2014

DAP v4.7.2 (Beta)

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Hey Dappers!

DAP v4.7.2 / LiveLinks v1.11.2 (BETA) is now available for download!

We are still calling this a BETA release as it has fixes for a few minor 4.7.1 issues. And it also includes much better WooCommerce=>DAP integration.

We will give it about 3-4 days, and if there are no other changes, we will make it (4.7.2) FINAL.

Key Items in this release:

WooCommerce=>DAP integration

1) Reverse sync between WC=>DAP

If buyers create an account during the WooCommerce (WC) checkout process, the account will get created in WordPress first, but it will also be sync’d to DAP. The users will have the same username/password in DAP and in WP. If they log in to DAP, they will get auto-logged-in to WP.

Click here for WooCommerce=>DAP Integration documentation.

2) Map Address Fields

Address fields entered in WC during checkout will be mapped to the user’s DAP profile.

3) Physical Products

Added a new Configuration option to prevent DAP from processing physical products sold via WC.

If it’s a physical product that is NOT DOWNLOADABLE (is_virtual=NO and is_downloadable=NO in WC product setting), and if you do not want DAP to process it, ftp to your site, find dap-config.php file in the “dap” folder and add this to the dap-config.php file:


If “is_downloadable” is true in your WC product setting, DAP will automatically add user to DAP.

Minor bug fixes

1) DAP Doctor fix to allow the login check to work correctly even if WP is installed in a subfolder.

2) Fix to the Paypal script to prevent an IPN Error.

We look forward to making this release final quickly as we have some really cool things lined up for the next release (Hint: DAP Admin UI updates, much better Manage Users -> Search/Sort features, conditional content/course dripping, a new elegant/responsive template for ‘member-links’ page, an awesome new checkout page (mobile-friendly template) for DAP Shopping Cart etc 🙂 ).

We will start our drip series for these new features in a few weeks.

BTW, if you have not checked out our new DAP Easy Installer plugin, you might want to give it a try. It makes new DAP Installations as well as DAP Upgrades really simple and effortless. No more FTP required.

As always, feel free to leave your questions and comments below!

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Veena Prashanth and Ravi Jayagopal



Download DAP v4.7.2 & LiveLinks v1.11.2 (Beta)

Download DAPEasyInstaller plugin to easily install/upgrade DAP

Full details about the original 4.7 release

Full details about the original 4.7.1 release

Full DAP Release History

NOTE: If you don’t see the latest downloads in the member’s area, that’s probably because your 1 year of free access to DAP Support & Upgrades may have expired, and you can renew here. There are some awesome bonuses for those who renew their access for multiple years (5 or 10 years). If you think you should have access to DAP v4.7.2 and LiveLinks v1.11.2, but don’t have access, then please open a support ticket and we’ll take care of it.

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  1. Hi Graeme,

    4.7.1 is a beta release. We could not make it final because we had to apply fixes mentioned in this post. We will make 4.7.2 final on Wednesday. You can upgrade to 4.7.2 when it’s final.


  2. Fantastic to see something new coming like UI and responsive. Does this mean that member`s area will be more mobile friendly regardless of WP theme responsiveness?

  3. Hi Dave,

    Yes, it is final. We have not made a formal announcement yet because of the holidays. It’s ready for use on live sites.


  4. “an awesome new checkout page (mobile-friendly template) for DAP Shopping Cart etc”

    – Is this feature live? I have the updated version installed but I’m not seeing it in there yet. Tested out the checkout page on a couple different WP themes on mobile device and it’s not mobile-friendly. Looking forward to using it.

    Everything else is great as always! Thanks so much.

  5. Hi Joey,

    No, this feature is not live yet.

    We will release the beta version of the new shopping cart in 3-4 weeks.


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