March 18, 2015

Mobile Responsive “My Content” Page

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Hey Dappers!

The next big thing in our “mobile-responsive” series, is here!

We are very excited to announce the release of fully mobile-responsive and customizable DAP “My Content” Page! And it has some amazing new features too!

Demo Video

Watch this quick, 5-minute video that shows you how the new My Content Page will look!

(Watch video full-screen & in HD)

Key Features

1) Fully Mobile-Responsive.

2) New Shortcode Generator that will allow you to easily customize the “My Content” page that shows your members all of the products they’ve purchased, or have access to.

2) You can configure the shortcode to display Product Images. You can configure the product image (URL) in DAP Admin => Products/Levels Page.

3) If you have a lot of content under each product and you don’t want to show all the links when the users first visit this page, you can configure the shortcode to display the “links” section collapsed by default, and it will expand only upon the member explicitly clicking on that section.

4) You can configure the shortcode to display a “Coming Soon” content.

5) You can also configure the shortcode to display ONLY the high level product details and NOT the individual “links” under each product.

6) If you wish to display a pre-configured renewal message to the user if their access to product has expired, you can do that too. You can configure the renewal message in DAP Admin => Products/Levels Page => Cancellation & Expiration tab => Renewal HTML.

7) Fully customizable: You can update font, colors, form width etc to better match your site. You can also customize the templates.


1) Existing DAP Installation

You will find the DAP version number you’re currently using, in the footer section of all DAP Admin Dashboard pages on your web site.

If your site is already on the latest version of DAP v4.7.2, then…

  • Upgrade to LiveLinks 1.11.4
  • You DO NOT have to upgrade DAP
  • You need a single, new file (dap-mycontent.php) to be uploaded to your “dap” folder. More on that in section #3 below.

Use the DAP Easy Installer plugin to upgrade DAP and/or LiveLinks. To upgrade manually via FTP (old method), click here.

If your site is on an older version of DAP (anything prior to DAP v4.7.2), then you must upgrade to both the latest version of DAP v4.7.2 and LiveLinks v1.11.4 to use the new Mobile-Responsive MyContent, Login and DAP Shopping Cart Templates.

2) New DAP Installation

If this is a new DAP installation (you are about to install DAP on your site), then…

  • Install DAP 4.7.2 and LiveLinks 1.11.4.
  • You need a single, new file (dap-mycontent.php) to be uploaded to your “dap” folder. More on that in section #3 below.

Use the DAP Easy Installer plugin to install DAP and LiveLinks. To install manually via FTP (old method), click here.

3) New File: dap-mycontent.php

IMPORTANT: New File for “dap” folder

In the members’ area, under the “Additional Downloads” section, you will find the download link to a new file:

If you unzip this file, within it, there’s a single file: dap-mycontent.php

This file is required for the new “My Content” feature to work.

  • Download and unzip to desktop
  • Within, you will find dap-mycontent.php
  • Upload it directly to the dap folder on your site (details in the video above).

Why This Extra Step:

We did not wish to create an entire new DAP release just for the sake of this one new file in the “dap” folder. This file will be a part of the next main DAP update. But for now, all that is required is this one new file under the “dap” folder for the new responsive “My Content” shortcode to work.

Platinum Members: We’ve got you covered!

Just open a ticket and we’ll upgrade your DAP and/or LiveLinks to the latest version, and also upload this dap-mycontent.php file to your site.

Non-Platinum Members:

If you’re not a Platinum member, you should certainly consider upgrading , and avail of our “no worries, we’ll do it for you” service. Plus you get every single one of our plugins, upgrades & support – all for free!

If you don’t wish to upgrade, or do this yourself, then you may purchase our Installation & Upgrade service, and we’ll upgrade DAP & LiveLinks on your site, and also take care of the new file upload.


To use the new responsive my-content shortcode and template, these are the requirements:

1) DAP 4.7.2

2) LiveLinks 1.11.4

3) dap-mycontent.php (upload it to dap folder)

In the future, when we release DAP 4.8, the dap-mycontent.php script will become part of core dap and you will no longer have to do step 3.

New Shortcode [DAPMyContent] & Generator

You can use the new MyContent shortcode generator to generate the shortcode on any WP page.




Old Shortcodes: %%USERLINKS%% & [DAPUserLinks]

The new [DAPMyContent] shortcode replaces the old %%USERLINKS%% and [DAPUserLinks] shortcodes.

Simply upgrading LiveLinks on your site will not automatically install the new shortcode. You must replace the old shortcode – %%USERLINKS%% or [DAPUserLinks] (whichever one you are currently using) with the new one [DAPMyContent], in order to see the new MyContent section in action.

The old shortcodes will still be valid, and your old member links page will continue to work as-is even after you upload the latest LiveLinks v1.11.4. So if you need to switch back to the old code at any time, it will still work just fine. But you must replace it with the new shortcode to see the responsive templates in action.

Advanced Customization

If for some reason, you wish to do some advanced customization of the look & feel of the templates, then you will find the MyContent template files under the /wp-content/plugins/DAP-WP-LiveLinks/includes/mycontenttemplates/template1 folder.

Updating the Templates:

You can customize all the html files you find under the template1 folder.

Say you wish to customize the DAPMyContentIndividualProductNoImageTemplate.html code.

First make a copy of…




Make the updates to the custom HTML file and upload back to the template1 folder. Do NOT remove any merge tags from the template.

You can customize all other HTML files in that folder the same way.

Updating the CSS:

To update the CSS of a template, make a copy of…




Make the updates to the custom CSS file and upload back to the template1 folder.

MyContent Form Width:

If you wish to change the mycontent form’s width, you can update it in the mycontent.css (look for width:100%; in mycontent.css and you can update it to say  width:525px; or whatever width you want). Of course, don’t change the default file, as it will be overwritten in a future release. So always make a custom copy of your own, and make the changes to that file.

Quick Links

This new version of LiveLinks v1.11.4 is free for all Dappers with current upgrades & support.


Veena Prashanth & Ravi Jayagopal
P.S: Please do leave a comment behind as we are eagerly awaiting your feedback!
P.P.S: We would love it if you clicked “Share” below.

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  1. looks exciting Veena! well done. not everyone abroad has a computer…but almost everyone has a cell phone to access content! Looking forward to the changes.
    bill h

  2. this is awesome. what a fantastic improvement – thank you DAP!

    is there a way to incorporate the “NEWESTFIRST and productid shortcode in this new version?

    can’t wait to try this out. our users are going to love it.

  3. Looks fantastic – just one little thing I would like to see…. Can you provide an option so that if the expiration date is 9999/12/01, that you display that as a custom text field (such as: ‘Lifetime’), or ‘No Expiration’)?


  4. Hi Brett,

    >>Can you provide an option so that if the expiration date is 9999/12/01, that you display that as a custom text field (such as: ‘Lifetime’), or ‘No Expiration’)?<< Yes, we can do that in the next update. Great suggestion! Thanks, Veena

  5. Hi Angelo,

    >>is there a way to incorporate the “NEWESTFIRST and productid shortcode in this new version? << Yes, you will find all these options in the new shortcode editor. Thanks, Veena

  6. Very nice. I put it on my site and selected not to show available content section, but it is still there. When you click here to access content, the Upcoming Content box is there. It does say ‘No Content Available’, but I don’t want it there at all. So the question is if it should be there.

    Thanks for the great update.

    Mike Murphy

  7. Hi Mike,

    If you don’t want both upcoming and available content to show, then just set the ‘showLinks’ to ‘N’ in the shortcode. This way the ‘click here’ section will be hidden. Only product details will show.

    We will release an update to do this automatically. This way if the shortcode processor detects that both upcoming and available sections are set to ‘hide’, then the result will be the same as showLinks set to “NO”.


  8. Excellent. Responsive is now must-have. Thank you.

    I second Brett’s suggestion: “… if the expiration date is 9999/12/01, that you display that as a custom text field (such as: ‘Lifetime’), or ‘No Expiration’)” Custom field text with “Lifetime” as the default text would be great. Thanks again.

  9. Guys – this is one of the BEST updates in recent times and it looks GREAT! Well done!

    Looking forward to updating my site!


  10. I want to apologize for my question above about the content showing. I had set the wrong part of the content page to show. I had set Available Content to No and Upcoming Content to Yes, and it should have been the other way around. Once I fixed my mistake, everything showed that I wanted and the rest was hidden.

    Very nice update.

    Mike Murphy

  11. Love the update! One question, is there a way for the images to maintain their square aspect ratio when they resize on mobile devices?

    Right now the images are squeezed and looked stretched out. Any help here would be great!

  12. Hi Jeff,

    >>One question, is there a way for the images to maintain their square aspect ratio when they resize on mobile devices?<< There is a min height setting for the image in the mycontent.css file. You will find the file in /DAP-WP-LiveLinks/includes/mycontenttemplates/template1 folder. Look for this in mycontent.css file : min-height:140px; Remove the min-height. See if it helps. Thanks, Veena

  13. This is great. I have been trying to figure out a way to make that page look better for a while now. I just spent a few hours and updated my product images, the new members page looks great! Thanks, Kevin

  14. Hi Tomas,

    You can customize the shortcode to only show the primary products. In the shortcode settings, you can specify the list of product Ids.

    If you want the product to show but hide some of the content under it, you can do that in the content responder tab (edit the content and configure it to ‘not display’ on the my content page).

    If the user has access to content but the content is not showing up, then please open a support ticket and we will take a look.


  15. I am using OptimizePress v2 and I can’t seem to find where to put the shortcode. Do I just use a “Text block” in the Live Editor?

    I installed the “Dap_MyContent.php” file to the Dap folder via filezilla.

    Any ideas?

  16. Hi Christopher,

    Yes, you can generate the shortcode first in regular WP mode and then use the text block in the live editor and copy the shortcode there.


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