June 9, 2015

DAP 4.8.1 is now FINAL

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Hey Dappers!

DAP v4.8.1 is now officially ‘Final’.

It is now ready for use on live web sites.

See the DAP 4.8.1 BETA Release Announcement for more on the release and the feature list.

Basically, it’s the same 4.8.1 version released earlier . No code has changed. Just the label changed from “Beta” to “Final”, as no issues were reported during the final beta period.

So, if you already have 4.8.1 installed on your site, then no further action is required from you.

DAP v4.8.1 goes together with LiveLinks v1.12.

So make sure you upgrade both DAP and LiveLinks together.

You may download both from our members’ area.

You can use our free Easy Installer Plugin and install or upgrade DAP on your site by yourself. Or if you want us to upgrade your DAP installation for you, then you may purchase our upgrade service here (click on “Installations”).

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Thank you for your patience while you waited for the 4.8 series to become final.

Next up: DAP 4.9 BETA!

We can’t wait to introduce to you, the new DAP Admin Home page with pretty reports that includes graphs & charts for a great visual snapshot of your entire membership site’s stats.

We expect to release it later this week. So please expect another email from us shortly, with all of the details.


Veena Prashanth & Ravi Jayagopal
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  1. You guys are the best! DAP is easily the most powerful membership software out there and it’s still updated almost monthly after all these years. Really awesome. 🙂

    – Adam

  2. Thanks Adam :). We appreciate your support.

    Very excited about our next update (DAP 4.9) that we hope to release tomorrow – a much improved DAP Admin Report page!


  3. Oh Yeah! Can’t wait to upgrade my DAP to 4.9. I am also really glad about the easy installer, make life so easy with DAP. Keep up the fantastic work guys!

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