August 21, 2015

WordPress 4.3 Upgrade Sending out “Password Changed” Email

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ATTN: Action Required if you have upgraded WordPress to version 4.3 on your site.

A new feature in WP 4.3 is designed to send out a ‘password changed’ email to subscribers in the event that an e-mail or password is changed directly in WP.  But this feature is triggering an unexpected ‘password changed email notification’ to members during login.

What’s causing this issue?

DAP does a full sync of the user account to WP (including password) during member login. The new version of WP is treating the sync similar to a ‘change password’ event and sending out an automatic and unexpected ‘password updated’ email to your DAP users (directly via WordPress).

This will confuse your DAP users as they did not request a password change or update their password.

This email is getting sent during DAP / WP login.

What’s the Fix ?

We have released a new version of DAP LiveLinks plugin (version 1.12.1) to address this issue. It will suppress the WP password-change email from being sent to your users.

Suppressing this email is not going to cause any security issue because DAP does not allow users to update their password directly in WP. The password field is hidden from the subscribers in the WP profile page. The users can only update their password in the DAP user-profile page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be on DAP v4.8.1 or DAP v4.9.1 to use this new version of LiveLinks v1.12.1.

How can I find my current DAP version number?

You will find the DAP version number in your DAP admin dashboard -> footer section.

My site is already on DAP v4.8.1 or 4.9.1

No need to update DAP.

Just download LiveLinks v1.12.1 zip file from your member’s area on our site. Extract contents of the zip file to your desktop and upload it to /wp-content/plugins folder.

That’s it.

My site is on an older version of DAP (v4.7.2 or below)

If you are not on DAP v4.8.1 or v4.9.1, then you will have to first upgrade DAP to 4.8.1 or 4.9.1.  Then upgrade LiveLinks to 1.12.1.

Here’s the upgrade steps :

Download DAP v4.8.1 (OR v4.9.1) and LiveLinks v1.12.1 zip files from your member’s area on our site.

a) You can use the DAP Easy Installer plugin to upgrade DAP and LiveLinks.


b) You can use FTP to upload the files.

1. Download dap 4.8.1 or 4.9.1 zip files from your member’s area on our site.

Extract contents of the dap 4.9.1 zip file to your desktop and upload it to the root folder of your site, overwriting the contents of the dap folder.

2. Download DAP LiveLinks version 1.12.1 from your member’s area on our site, extract contents of the DAP LiveLinks zip file to your desktop and upload it to /wp-content/plugins folder.

That’s it.

Can’t find DAP LiveLinks version 1.12.1

This new version of LiveLinks v1.12.1 is free for all Dappers with current upgrades & support.

If your access to DAP upgrades/support has expired, you can Renew your DAP Upgrades & Support to get access to this update.

Platinum Members: We’ve Got You Covered!

Just open a ticket and we’ll upgrade your DAP and/or LiveLinks to the latest version.

Non-Platinum Members:

If you’re not a Platinum member, you should certainly consider upgrading , and avail of our “no worries, we’ll do it for you” service. Plus you get every single one of our plugins, upgrades & support – all for free!

If you don’t wish to do the upgrade yourself, you may purchase our Installation & Upgrade service, and we’ll upgrade both DAP & LiveLinks on your site.


Quick Links

This new version of LiveLinks v1.12.1 is free for all Dappers with current upgrades & support.



Veena Prashanth & Ravi Jayagopal
PS: As always, please leave us a comment with your valuable feedback.

PPS: We are working on massively cool new DAP Admin features! It will all be part of the big DAP 5.0. We will also make the DAP 4.9.1 beta release final within a week. So stay tuned for that.

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  1. It’s relevant if you sync DAP users to wordpress.

    This issue occurs when existing members (that were sync’d to WP before), login to DAP/WP.

    If your users are just in DAP but not in WP, then you don’t need to apply this fix.


  2. Will this affect all users on a site or only after they trigger a certain action? Ie: If we have thousands of users in a WP database, will they all get that message?

    – Adam

  3. Hi Adam,

    The following actions trigger this email from WP:

    1) Password is updated in WP.

    This has nothing to do with DAP. This is a new feature in WP 4.3. Anytime users update their WP password or someone updates it for them, an email will get sent to the subscriber.

    If you have members that are in WP and are directly logging in to WP to update password, this email will get sent to them.

    2) If you have a DAP-powered site, then the members cannot update their password directly in WP because DAP gates all password updates. DAP syncs the user account to WP.

    This is great because if you have a DAP site, then WP will not directly/automatically send out these emails to your subscribers.

    Currently an email is getting sent whenever existing members are logging in to DAP. DAP syncs user account to WP (including password) during login.
    It is triggering an incorrect email notification by WP to your members.

    This latest version of DAP LiveLinks (v 1.12.1) will suppress the generation of this email.

    NOTE: If you do not sync users to WP, you will not be affected by this.

    Hope this clarifies things.


  4. Do we need to uninstall the older version of LiveLinks first before installing the latest version?


  5. Hi Aaron,

    No. You don’t have to uninstall it.

    1. You can FTP to your site and simply overwrite the current contents of /wp-content/plugins/DAP-WP-LiveLinks folder with the new version.

    If you upload it correctly, then when you visit WP admin -> plugins, the version of livelinks should be 1.12.1 and it should be ‘active’.


    2. You can use our Easy Installer plugin to upgrade livelinks. This way you will not have to ‘ftp’ and upload files manually.

    See –

    If you are already on the right version of DAP (dap 4.8.1/dap 4.9.1) and are just looking to upgrade livelinks, then skip to STEP 3 in the easy installer settings and just use it to upgrade livelinks. You can skip step 2.


  6. Hi Veena,

    I’m not on WP 4.3 so I don’t need to worry about this issue? and what about in the future if I or when I upgrade to WP 4.3?


  7. Hi Anthony,

    No, you don’t have to worry about this issue until you upgrade to WP 4.3. Make sure to turn off automatic WP upgrade.

    Before you upgrade to WP 4.3, upgrade DAP and livelinks to the version we have mentioned in this post. That’s it.


  8. Hi Veena,

    Will “LiveLinks v1.12” fix the issue or does it have to be “LiveLinks v1.12.1”?


  9. Hi James,

    In about 6 weeks but if you are willing to beta test it earlier than that, we would be happy to give you an advance copy when it’s ready. Just open a support ticket if you are interested.


  10. –Are we gonna see a sneak-peak preview of DAP 5.0 this week? On the edge of my seat

    Not this week but soon :).

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