October 10, 2015

DAP 4.9.2 (BETA)

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Hey Dappers!

DAP v4.9.2 Beta is now available for download! (No changes to LiveLinks, which is still at DAP LiveLinks v1.12.1.)

This release includes a few fixes for the following issues found in DAP 4.9.x:

1. Xenforo Integration
Issue: If Xenforo account already exists, the DAP call to Xenforo fails.
Fix:   Update usergroup in Xenforo – even if account already exists.

2. Clickbank => DAP Autologin
Issue: Timing issue between Clickbank INS and autologin results in users receiving an additional month’s access upon automatic login.
Fix: Access only extended after a successful payment.

3. Stripe Issue
Issue:  Users sometimes receive access to product – even after a credit card decline
Fix: Users will only receive access after a successful payment.

4. JVZoo issue
Issue: Timing issue between JVZoo IPN and JVZoo autologin process results in users receiving an additional month’s access upon automatic login.
Fix: Access only extended ONCE after a successful purchase.


1. Existing DAP Users (Upgrade)

Download DAP v4.9.2 and LiveLinks v1.12.1 zip files from your members’ area on our site.

If you are already have LiveLinks v1.12.1, no need to upgrade LiveLinks. Just upgrade DAP to 4.9.2

a) You can use the DAP Easy Installer plugin to upgrade DAP to v4.9.2 and LiveLinks to v1.12.1.


b) You can use FTP to manually upload the files.

2. New DAP Installation

Install the new DAP v4.9.2 BETA & LiveLinks v1.12.1. You can use the DAP Easy Installer plugin (or use regular FTP) to install DAP.

Platinum Members: We’ve Got You Covered!

Just open a ticket and we’ll upgrade your DAP and/or LiveLinks to the latest version.

Non-Platinum Members:

If you’re not a Platinum member, you should certainly consider upgrading , and avail of our “no worries, we’ll do it for you” service. Plus you get every single one of our plugins, upgrades & support – all for free!

If you don’t wish to do the upgrade yourself, you may purchase our Installation & Upgrade service, and we’ll upgrade both DAP & LiveLinks on your site.

Quick Links

This new version of DAP v4.9.2 and LiveLinks v1.12.1 is free for all Dappers with current upgrades & support.


Veena Prashanth & Ravi Jayagopal
PS: As always, please leave us a comment with your valuable feedback.

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