March 27, 2018

How to Pause / Resume your Subscriptions!

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How to Pause & Resume a Subscription!


Many times customers that send you a cancellation request are really just looking to put their subscription on hold and they hope to return in future. Sometimes they'll ask you if you could put their subscription on hold and other times they might not bother asking you that question and simply request a cancellation.

Anyway, even if you're not sure, it doesn't hurt to ask them that question because it might just allow you to save a subscription and keep the customer. There's a higher chance they'll return if all they have to do is request you to resume their paused subscription, rather than have to re-purchase the subscription all over again!

I'm exceited to announce the release of a Powerful NEW  ‘Subscription Pause / Resume’ feature (available only to users) that will allow you to quickly and easily pause customer subscriptions.

If you're not a SmartPayCart (SPC) user yet, you can learn all about SPC here!

Be sure to watch the video above for details.

Please NOTE:  

This feature will ONLY work if you use (SPC) to sell. 

And we currently only support this feature with Stripe and Paypal. We'll add support for Authnet in a future update.

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Veena Prashanth