January 17, 2021

How to Move DAP from One Host (or Domain) to Another!

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How to move DAP database from one domain to another

Say you have installed DAP on your main domain but now want to move it to a subdomain. Or say you looking to move DAP from one hosting platform to another. You have already installed WordPress on the new domain. Now you just want to move your DAP database to the new domain.

Watch this short (3 min) video to see how you can easily move DAP from one domain to another.

Watch this Video to See how To move DAP from one domain to another

Here are the steps:

=> Log in to your web hosting control panel, go to “phpMyAdmin”, select your WordPress database (which is where the DAP tables are also installed, by default)

=> Do an “Export” of just the DAP tables. All DAP database tables start with the text “dap_”. Save this file on your desktop. 

=> On your new site, install WordPress (if not already installed)

=> Log in to your web hosting control panel of your new site, go to “phpMyAdmin”, find your WordPress database.

=> Click on import. Upload the file you exported earlier from the other domain. That's it. DAP tables are now on your destination site. 

=> Login to the WordPress admin dashboard on the destination site.

=> Upload the DAP Easy Installer plugin. You can download DAP easy installer plugin from your member's area on our site.

=> Activate the easy installer plugin on the destination site and use it to install DAP and the DAP Live Links plugin. 

=> Activate the DAP Live Links plugin. It should give you a warning that DAP is already installed. That’s ok – that’s what we want it to say.

That’s it. DAP is now moved over from your old site to your new site.

=> Log into your DAP Dashboard using your old DAP admin login info, and you’re all set.

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