February 8, 2021

How to implement a Magazine-style Content Drip Model in your Membership Site!

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Someone contacted us recently wanting to know if DAP could handle a content drip model like this:

  • Member 1 joins at launch and will have access to the first month's content.
  • Member 2 joins 6 months later but will only have access to the content starting from the month she joins, and not able to access the previous months content.
  • Member 3 joins at launch but cancels after the first month and rejoins 7 months later. She would have access to the month 1 content (as she had paid for it before she cancelled), and also that of month 7. But NOT months 2-6!

Yes, DAP supports this model. In fact, DAP is the only membership plugin that fully supports this model.

Watch this video to see how you implement this in a few, easy steps!

You can allow your "returning" members (those that cancelled their membership in the past but have joined back again), access to the previously paid-for-content while preventing access to the months they missed payment.

Here are the steps to implement this model.

Step 1:

Enable "Post Expiry Access" in DAP setup >> config page. 

Step 2:

Setup "date-based" content dripping in DAP Products page >> Content Responder tab. 

Click on the edit icon and set a start and end date for each piece of content. The start date should be set to the start of the month (for e.g. 01-01-2021) and the end date to the end of that month (for e.g. 01-31-2021)

Step 3:

Set Magazine Model to "YES" in the Advanced tab of your product.

Step 4:

Create a My Content page using the DAP >> Member Page Builder. You can send your members to this page to access content.

Watch the video above for step-by-step instructions on how to set this up! 

My Online Course Launch Strategy

The 3 main challenges that most people face when it comes to building and launching an online course: 

1. No list or small list.
2. Busy schedule.
3. Don't know how to put it all together, organize and deliver.

So I decided to create a FREE training video to show you the exact steps I follow to build my list, create and organize my course content, and the order in which I execute in every phase - from idea, planning, audience building, content creation, implementation to the actual launch.

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