December 21, 2021

How to Build and Launch a Challenge from your Membership Site – using DAP!

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DAP now comes with a "Challenge Builder" that will allow you to build and launch both FREE and PAID Challenges from your Membership Site in no time! 

Watch this step-by-step video to discover:

  • How you can use DAP to build and deliver a FREE Challenge (lead magnet)
  • How you can use DAP to protect and deliver a PAID challenge.
  • How you can gamify your challenge.
  • How you can use DAP's challenge builder to add different "action items" in each lesson and get DAP to track it.
  • End-to-end user experience!

What is a Challenge?

A challenge is where you offer to help your users achieve a very specific goal over a specific period of time and because it's designed to help users accomplish a very specific goal in a short period of time. It'll help you attract the attention of your audience more than other types of lead magnets.

Challenges are one of the easiest and fastest ways to build your email list and are highly effective lead magnets.

How should you deliver your challenge?

You may choose to deliver a series of challenge lessons over a series of days or weeks. You need to clearly lay out the action steps that someone needs to take in order to achieve their goal. Whether it's a free or a paid challenge, as it increases the likelihood that they will get a quick win from your lead magnet, it'll result in high conversion rate.

Watch the video above to see step-by-step how you can use DAP to create and deliver both FREE and PAID Challenges from your Membership Site.

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