October 1, 2014

Part 5: WooCommerce Integration

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Hey Dappers!

Part 5 of the DAP v4.7 Pre-launch Feature-Drip Series is here!

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is one of the leading e-Commerce plugins for WordPress. Combine the powerful physical shopping cart features of WooCommerce, and the Content Delivery and Marketing Automation features of DAP, and you have a super-powerful combination of heavy-weights. And the possibilities are exciting… and endless!

Starting with DAP v4.7, we will have full-fledged and seamless integration with WooCommerce.

Complete Support For All Product Types

No matter what type of payment processor you choose to use with WooCommerce, or what type of products you sell – physical products, one-time or subscriptions – and DAP can handle automatic membership account creation for all of your WooCommerce buyers.

Your users can even add multiple items to the cart and purchase them together – even if they’re different types of products – like 2 one-time products and 1 subscription product. DAP has a built-in hook into WooCommerce, and can instantly create user accounts and give access to all of the products that the user has just purchased.

Automated Cancellations & Refunds

DAP supports automated cancellations and refunds with WooCommerce. What that means is, when you process a refund or subscription cancellation in WooCommerce, then their access in DAP is also automatically revoked. DAP even takes this a step further – on the DAP Products page, under the “Cancellation & Expiration” tab, you can actually specify exactly what should happen when a user cancels or gets a refund. Possible choices are: “No Action“, “Remove From Product” and “Set End Day To Previous Day“.

1-Step Integration

Integrating DAP and WooCommerce couldn’t be simpler. There is just 1 single step.

Step 1: Make sure Product Names match between DAP and WooCommerce.
Step 2: No more steps.

That’s it!

DAP: WooCommerce’s New BFF

DAP has a direct, built-in hook for WooCommerce.

Any time a payment status in WooCommerce changes to “Completed”, DAP is notified, and creates the user account (if new user), creates Product access for all products purchased, and does all the other usual DAP stuff – like send Welcome email, notify 3rd party systems (like Aweber, Mailchimp, etc).

And when a payment status in WooCommerce changes to “Refund” or “Cancelled”, then DAP automatically revokes member access – or follows the configuration under the “Cancellation & Expiration” tab.

Requirements For WooCommerce Integration

To begin with, you’ll need the upcoming DAP v4.7. And you’ll also need to download, install and activate the free WooCommerce plugin from WooThemes.com.

For selling one-time products, whether they are digital or physical, that’s all you need. Nothing else.

However, if you wish to sell recurring subscriptions via WooCommerce, then you’ll need to purchase their “WooCommerce Subscriptions” extension which is a paid extension, and starts at $149 for a single site license.

If you are selling primarily digital products, then you probably won’t need WooCommerce. The DAP Shopping Cart itself is very powerful, supports a wide range of payment processors, and also supports 1-Click Upsells, Member’s-area Upsells (DAP Pay) and Coupons.

However, if you are selling physical products, need an eCommerce store and store front, WordPress themes that come integrated with a store, need physical-product features like color, quantity, state and sales taxes, quantity discounts, VAT, size, etc – then you simply can’t beat WooCommerce!

A Fusion Of Digital & Physical Worlds

On top of all that, if you are already a WooCommerce user, and are looking for an add-on plugin to take care of the content delivery, content dripping, member management, email autoresponders & broadcasting, etc – then DAP is the perfect add-on for current WooCommerce users.

You can even use WooCommerce + DAP to, say, create an online membership account for a buyer of a physical product.

You can now mix-n-match the physical and digital worlds.

If someone buys a physical product in your eCommerce store, automatically give them membership access to any specific level.

Or give them a digital product bonus – like, buy a T-shirt and get a free bonus report on how to create and sell your own T-shirts.

Or buy a Blender, and get a free report on Juicing.

Or buy Supplements, and get a “Platinum Membership” to a fitness-training video course.

Or even sell a physical and digital product together – you fulfill the physical product separately offline, and DAP fulfills the digital product instantly.

The possibilities are endless.

Product Setup Exception

One very minor difference with WooCommerce integration, is that when you set up a recurring product in WooCommerce, set up that same product with exact same name as a One-time Product in DAP. So, the exact same product is set up as a recurring product in WC and one-time in DAP. Watch the video above for details.

This difference in setup has absolutely NO impact on how you sell your recurring subscriptions, or how your user is given access to such products or membership levels. It is just a small workaround in DAP for how WooCommerce processes subscription payments by default.

So your recurring subscription members will still get product access as usual, even though the end date is initially set to forever. That won’t matter, because DAP also does automated cancellation and refund processing. So the moment someone opts for a refund or cancels their subscription, their product access can be instantly and automatically revoked. Or left alone. Your choice. And you can still drip content to them using the powerful DAP ContentResponder, so they will never get access to any content until the day you want them to.

WooCommerce Integration is Free

This integration will be FREE to all current DAP users and will be included as part of the upcoming DAP v4.7.

As you probably already know, to download the latest version of DAP, the previously announced DAP Doctor or the new DAP Pay , your access to DAP upgrades and Support needs to be current.

If your access has expired, click here to renew.

Or better yet, sign up for our unbeatable, Netflix of Plugins offer.

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Veena Prashanth & Ravi Jayagopal
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