May 18, 2016

DAP v5.0.4 (Beta) & ConvertKit Integration

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Hi Dappers!

[UPDATE 05/25/16: DAP v5.0.5 is now available for download. It includes improved page load speed for the DAP Admin Home/Report page and also some minor cosmetic updates.]

We’re thrilled to announce DAP integration with ConvertKit and also the BETA release of DAP v5.0.4!

ConvertKit is a rapidly growing Email Marketing Platform that comes with simple, elegant, easy to design templates and great automation capabilities. It offers the benefits of automation at a lower cost than other advanced automation programs like Infusionsoft or Active Campaign.

ConvertKit offers advanced email marketing capabilities without sacrificing ease of use.

Watch this video for a complete behind the scenes look at this integration

(Watch video full-screen & in HD)


ConvertKit can tag subscribers and segment your email list based on certain actions your subscribers take, such as signing up from a specific form, downloading or purchasing a certain product, clicking a specific link, etc.  Then, you can run campaigns for specific tags. You can also setup followup sequences to trigger certain events.

The integration between DAP and ConvertKit is 2-way.

13ConvertKit to DAP

DAP leverages the ConvertKit Zap to automatically add subscribers (that signup via a ConvertKit form) to a DAP product. You’ll find the integration details in the video above. You’ll need a Zapier account for this integration.

13DAP to ConvertKit

You can use the DAP Products Page => Notifications tab -> Plugin Notification Field to configure DAP to automatically add users to your ConvertKit form with the specified tags. You can also configure DAP to remove tags from the subscriber when they lose access to a product in DAP.

DAP also sends membership “password” to ConvertKit so you can use ConvertKit to send out the initial welcome email with membership credentials.

You’ll find all the integration details in the video above.


Please NOTE:

checkBeta Release

Please note that this is a BETA release of DAP v5.0.4. If you have a LIVE Web Site with active subscriptions and members, then hold off on installing DAP 5.0.4 BETA until we release the FINAL version.

We hope to make DAP 5.0.x FINAL on May 25th, 2016.

checkPlatinum Members: We’ve Got You Covered!

If you’re ready to upgrade your site to DAP v5.0.4 (beta), just open a ticket and we’ll upgrade DAP and DAP Livelinks plugin on your site.

checkHow-to become a Platinum Member

If you’re not a DAP Monthly/Platinum member, you should certainly consider upgrading, and avail of our “no worries, we’ll do it for you” service. Plus you get every single one of our plugins, upgrades & support – all for free! Click HERE to find out more.

checkNOW is a great time To RENEW your access to DAP Upgrades/Support

If you don’t find the DAP v5.0.4 and DAP LiveLinks v2.0.3 zip files in your member’s area, it’s probably because your access to DAP Support & Upgrades has expired.

We currently have a Great Discount Offer for MULTI-YEAR renewals (along with some AMAZING Bonuses).

Click HERE to checkout the discount offer.

This renewal offer is valid only for a limited-time so be sure to take advantage of it.

checkBackup DAP before Upgrade

If you have made any custom updates to any of the core DAP files directly, then be sure to take a full backup of your DAP and DAP-WP-LiveLinks folder (via ftp) before you upgrade DAP.

checkPromote DAP

NOW is a great time to promote DAP as an affiliate! DAP is available for purchase as a subscription. You will earn ongoing lifetime recurring commissions for the subscription signups! You can get your affiliate link from your members area on

checkDAP 5.0.x (BETA) Release Posts

DAP 5.0 release

DAP 5.0.2 release


DAP 5.0.4 (Beta) Installation/Upgrade

1. Existing DAP Users (Upgrade)

Download DAP v5.0.4 (beta) and LiveLinks v2.0.3 zip files from your members’ area on our site.

a) You can use the DAP Easy Installer plugin to upgrade DAP to v5.0.4 and LiveLinks to v2.0.3.


b) If the easy installer does not work due to permission issues on your server, you can use FTP to upload the files:

=> Download LiveLinks v2.0.3 zip file from the members’ area on our site, unzip it and upload it to the WP plugins folder on your site (/wp-content/plugins) overwriting the existing DAP-WP-LiveLinks folder.

=> Download DAP v5.0.4 zip file from the members’ area on our site, unzip it and upload it to the root folder on your site overwriting the existing contents of “dap” folder.
Do NOT delete the “dap” folder.

After uploading the files, log in to the DAP admin dashboard to complete the upgrade.

2. New DAP Installation

Install the new DAP v5.0.4 BETA & LiveLinks v2.0.3. You can use the DAP Easy Installer plugin (or use regular FTP) to install DAP.


What’s coming out next?

We’re working on several exciting new things that will help you grow your membership site. Zapier integration is one of the most requested integrations by Dappers. You’ll be happy to know that we’ve built an awesome new integration between Zapier & DAP :).  This integration will allow you to pretty much integrate any 3rd party system (even if it does not have a built-in ZAP) with DAP.

More to come on that integration very soon! Stay tuned!

Please leave your comment below. We look forward to your comment & feedback!


Veena Prashanth & Ravi Jayagopal

P.S.  Please do leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.

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  1. Hi Enoch,

    Yes, you can but you’ll likely have the same issue as the ConvertKit Zap. You will have to hardcode the DAP product Id in your Zapier action URL. So you can map the incoming ‘new subscriber’ request from ActiveCampaign to any one of your FREE product in DAP. If you just have 1 free product in DAP, then it’s fine.

    Say your DAP product Id = 3.

    Set the action URL in Zapier to:


{"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}