July 25, 2019

Member Expiration Options

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Make it Current

Just wanted to let you know that we have added another awesome "Member Cancellation / Expiration" feature in DAP.

In the older versions of DAP, these were the cancellation/expiration options.

  • No Action - Users will lose access to product at the end of current billing cycle.
  • Remove from Product - Users will instantly lose access to product.

Now we've added another option called "Make it Current".

  • Make it Current

Watch video to see how it works:

Make it Current:

When a user's access expires or subscription is cancelled, DAP will not remove their access to product but users will automatically lose access at the end of the current billing cycle (similar to "no action").

However, If the same user signs up again, instead of extending access from where they left off, DAP will extend their access from the new signup date (current date). This way their access date will not be stuck in the past. Also, content dripping will continue from where they left off. They won't have to start over again.

So let's say that a user's access expired on 04/07/2019. Say the same user signs up again after 3 months on 07/07/2019.

==> If you have set the "expiration action" to "Make it current" in DAP products page >> cancellation/expiration tab, the new access end date will be 08/07/2019. It'll not be 05/07/2019.  

==> But if you set it to "no action", the new access end date will be 05/07/2019 .

Please watch the video for more details and let us know if you have any questions.