July 25, 2019

Site Security, SCA & more

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DAP v7.6 / LiveLinks v4.6 (New Features / Updates)

Action Required: Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will take effect on September 14th!

Starting September 14th, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulation will require two-factor authentication on many payments in Europe. Payments without SCA may be declined. You'll need to update your Stripe integration by  September 14th, 2019 in order to avoid an increase in declined charges.

We've already updated our cart platform - SmartPayCart.com (SPC) to deal with SCA.

Click on the button below to learn all about SCA and what you need to do to prepare for it.

DAP Security Scanner

We've just released DAP v7.6 / LiveLinks v4.6 (beta) and this release includes an awesome new security update!

We've added a new "Security Scanner" feature in DAP. You can run a manual scan or schedule an automated scan. The scan takes just a few seconds to complete. And it'll list any suspicious / unexpected files in your DAP folder/subfolders etc.

Please be sure to watch this video to see how you can use it to protect your site from hackers!

The Gamification Project - plugin launching soon...

The only way to not make progress is by standing still. If you focus on your big goal and get impatient because it's going to take you a long time to get there, you'll give up before you start! Same applies to your users as well. 

This is why it's so important to keep your users motivated, entertained and engaged so they don't give up. Encourage them to keep going. Incentivize them with a reward when they hit an important milestone or achieve a specific goal. It could be something as simple as an encouraging email message for e.g., "You're almost there, keep going" or a badge or award them points/credits for different activities. Remind your users that each step is progress. 

In September 2019, we'll be releasing the MOST comprehensive plugin ever created for gamifying your membership site called ".... .. ......" :-).

I think it has the greatest name a plugin ever got :-). Sorry, can't reveal the name of the plugin yet but you'll find out soon! This plugin will make you feel like a kid in a toy store. It's loaded with features designed to help you gamify your membership site. Stay tuned. 

Btw, this plugin is included in our DAP Elite Membership and it's also free for users that have DAP platinum + any SPC license. 

Subscribe to "Membership Site Lab"

I've just released 2 new episodes of my podcast "Membership Site Lab" where I've shared actionable tricks, tips & strategies that will help you nail gamification in your online business. You'll learn how to seamlessly integrate game elements in your site, service, business, content, community , podcast, campaign etc. Be sure to take a listen. 

Look for "Membership Site Lab" (3 words) in your favorite podcast app and subscribe. This way you won't miss any future episodes.

Engage, educate & entertain:  https://membershipsitelab.com/23
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New Subscription Cancellation/Expiration Option in DAP

We have added a NEW "Membership Cancellation / Expiration" option in DAP.

In the older versions of DAP, these were the cancellation/expiration options.

  • No Action - Users will lose access to product at the end of current billing cycle.
  • Remove from Product - Users will instantly lose access to product.

Now we've added another option called "Make it Current".

  • Make it Current

Watch this video to learn all about this feature and how it works before you use it.

Member Export

We've updated the DAP "Member Export" feature in this latest DAP release. If you ran into export issues in the past, this new update should resolve it. We're now using a new technology for export. It's also more secure as DAP no longer saves the exported file on your server. It generates the CVS file on the fly and allows you to download it to your desktop.

How to create an Invoice Page for your Members

We've also updated the "member invoice" feature in this latest DAP release. 

Please watch this video to see you can create a member-facing invoice page in DAP. 

Also, if you're on DAP v7.6 and LiveLinks v4.6 (or above), be sure to visit DAP admin >> setup >> DAP Security page and delete "invoices" folder as it's not longer required. You only have to do this once.

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