June 18, 2020

SmartPayCart (SPC) vs SamCart – Comparison!

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SmartPayCart (SPC) vs SamCart 

Today someone asked me in my Facebook Group if we had a published review of SmartPayCart (SPC) vs SamCart. We didn't have one so I decided to publish one :-). SPC is a shopping cart plugin for WordPress. SamCart is a Shopping Cart Platform. Other than the similarity in their names (and both are cart platforms), not much is common between SmartPayCart and SamCart.


SmartPayCart (SPC)

  • SmartPayCart (SPC) is a WordPress plugin.
  • SPC is built specifically for DigitalAccessPass (DAP). So if you use DAP as your membership plugin, SPC is easily the best shopping cart option.
  • Pricing: SPC is FREE with both DAP platinum and elite packages. And DAP elite/platinum packages cost way less than SamCart. DAP is one of the best membership plugins for WordPress.
  • Better Support: Both SPC and DAP are our plugins. So you don't have to deal with 2 different support teams for SPC and DAP issues. My team handles both. You'll never have to deal with bad support when you use any of our products.
  • SPC does not hold on to your subscriptions. SPC uses payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe and Authnet to manage subscriptions. Even if you stop using SPC, you won't lose your active member subscriptions.


  • SamCart is a SaaS platform.
  • SamCart integrates with our Membership Plugin - DigitalAccessPass.com but there are some limitations with this integration.
  • SamCart's basic package costs $49/mo (and that includes SamCart branding). You can check current pricing on their site.
  • We offer support for SamCart -> DAP integration issues but it's not as easy to troubleshoot issues with an external shopping cart platform as it is with a cart platform created and supported by us.
  • From what I understand, SamCart stores and controls your subscriptions. You stop using SamCart, you may have to get your users to subscribe again. Or manually add a subscription in your payment processor. But you may want to confirm this with SamCart.


I don't have anything negative to say about SamCart. I'm sure there are a lot of cool things you can do using SamCart.

I've never used SamCart to sell my products or services. Instead of focusing on the difference between the 2 platforms and what each platform can or cannot do, I'm going to list SPC's unique features. 

  • Multiple Order Bumps:  You can offer not just one but multiple “order bumps” on your checkout page. From what I know, you cannot do this with any other cart plugins. Many SPC’ers have benefited from this feature where they are able to double their order value with order bump offers.
  • Free Membership Trial as an Order Bump: You can offer a “Free Membership Trial” as an Order Bump. Again, this is very unique to SPC. Most cart plugins don’t support ‘free trial’ order bumps. 
  • Automated Login: Your users will be automatically logged-in to the membership when they purchase your product. They don’t have to wait for a welcome email to login. They can instantly access your product.
  • Visual Funnel Builder: It comes with a unique “Visual Funnel Builder” that’ll allow you to build all types of sales funnel (unlimited 1-click upsells and downsells), no matter how complex it is, with the click of a few buttons.
  • 1-Click Members-Area: You can also offer “1-Click Members-Area” upsell with Stripe.
  • All types of payment buttons: You can create many different types of buttons - buy now, add-to-cart, donation, netflix-style-pay-per-post, pay-using-credits, pay-what-you-want, an instant storefront with your products, and so much more.
  • Storefront: You can create an instant storefront using SPC. It's fully customizable in the backend. 
  • Netflix-style Pay-Per-Post: You can create a buy/rent button and allow users to purchase individual pieces of content such as audio, video, WordPress content, PDF files, etc, without having to create a product for each. You can also create a store for your content! 
  • Donation: You can create a donation / pay-what-you-want button using SPC. You can also set a minimum amount.
  • Most advanced checkout page builder: SPC comes with a very advanced drag/drop, click/edit checkout page builder that will allow you to create a fully customized look for your checkout. See video below.
  • 2-Step Order form: SPC also supports 2-step order forms (similar to ClickFunnels but with more customization options). Watch this video to see it works.
  • Failed Payment Management: SPC supports full-fledged dunning management. Your users can update their credit card and billing info on your site. They can self-cancel their subscription. They can also pause and resume their subscription. You can also setup automated emails that gets sent to your users when a subscription payment fails for any reason. 

A must-watch video for anyone looking to create a high-converting checkout form!

Drag and drop your way to a beautiful checkout page layout, WOW your buyers, help convert visitors into customers & increase your Average Transaction Value!


A New Template

We've added an awesome new 2-column, drag/drop template to the SPC checkout template collection! It has an elegant, responsive, and conversion optimized design.


Drag / Drop Customizer

You can build your own checkout layout, with fully customizable sections! Drag/drop elements wherever you want on the checkout page. 


Add Different Elements

Add different types of elements (image, heading, text, testimonial, bullet points, etc) anywhere you want on your checkout.


Optimized for Mobile

Optimize your checkout for mobile!

Create a completely different optimized look for your mobile users!


Add different fields to your checkout

You can add different fields to your checkout, including billing fields, custom fields, etc, with the click of a button.


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