February 13, 2021

DAP Membership Plugin Review (2021) by Chris Lema

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Recently Chris Lema, a well-known blogger and a household name in the WordPress community, did a full review of DAP

Chris uses a criteria of 11 factors to review membership plugins. So what did he say about DAP in his post? A lot of good things :-). 

When I evaluate membership plugins like Digital Access Pass, I use this new criteria of 11 factors. 

So how does DAP rate on this list of 11 features? Amazing.

Protect Posts / Pages – 10/10
Collect Payment – 10/10
Sell Access to Specific Posts – 10/10
Automate Access – 10/10
Integrate with Marketing Automation – 10/10
Support Teams-based / Group Access – 10/10
Restrict Historical Content – 5/10
Deliver Memberships / Courses – 10/10
Multiple Payment Plans – 10/10
Options for Upsells – 10/10
Extensible by Developers – 8/10

Score: 103/110

As you can see, DAP got a very high score in this review.

This review was done just a couple of weeks ago (Jan 28th, 2021) but if Chris were to do a review now, I'm sure DAP will get an even higher score as we have now added Custom Hooks feature that will allow developers to extend DAP using WordPress Action Hooks! 

You can check out Chris's full post here.

DAP Is One Of The Most Powerful Plugins In The WordPress World For Selling Content (And Protecting It) Either For Membership Or Courseware Sites (Or Both).

DAP has been here for a while, offering progress bars, “mark as complete” buttons, and more. And they don't lock you into any particular layout. Design it as you wish. And combine your course with your membership / protected content any way you like.

Chris Lema / ChrisLema.com

With all the updates we have made to DAP in the last couple of years, it felt great to see DAP getting the recognition it deserves.

No membership plugin even comes close to what you can do with DAP and we are nowhere near done yet! We'll continue to make DAP easier-to-use and add/update features with the goal of helping you make money, save money and save time. 

Create Interactive Content using Smart Quiz  Builder

Chris also talked about our one-of-a-kind quiz and survey plugin - SmartQuizBuilder (SQB) in a different blog post

I'll talk to you more about SQB in a different post but be sure to check out my post on interactive content here.

Massive DAP Update - DAP v9.4 is HERE!

We've just released DAP v9.4. A massive update, packed with awesome features.

Be sure to check it out here.

Don't have DAP? Don't Wait...

My Online Course Launch Strategy

The 3 main challenges that most people face when it comes to building and launching an online course: 

1. No list or small list.
2. Busy schedule.
3. Don't know how to put it all together, organize and deliver.

So I decided to create a FREE training video to show you the exact steps I follow to build my list, create and organize my course content, and the order in which I execute in every phase - from idea, planning, audience building, content creation, implementation to the actual launch.

No Audience? No List? No problem! 

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