February 15, 2021

How to Create an Elegant, Engaging Member Dashboard Page

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What better way to find out what challenges your prospects are facing than just ask them that question? When you see a pattern, create a solution (or update your existing solution) to solve that problem for them.

Today someone took the quiz on my lab site to signup for my free course. And here was his answer to the last question in the quiz:

Question: What are the main challenges you are facing right now?

ANSWER: creating a good looking member dashboard.

I sent him a link to my post on DAP's unique member engagement builder.

If this user had just signed up for the course through a static form, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to collect this very valuable piece of information. 

This is why it's so important to use a quiz-based opt-in form instead of a static opt-in form.  

Now, as far as the answer to this prospect's question about creating a good looking member dashboard page, did you know that you can build a dashboard like this (see image below) in less than 30 seconds using DAP's member dashboard builder

This is the dashboard view of someone who started and completed my course, left a testimonial, shared on social, earned points for different actions yesterday.

When they complete these actions, they are able to see all of it in the dashboard - completed courses, pending courses, enrolled courses, available products, certificates earned, badges earned, etc. You can also configure the dashboard builder to display products and services your logged-in members don't have (upsell).

And the best part is... you can create a dashboard like this in no time! 

Have you signed up for my FREE course for creating and delivering successful digital courses? You can signup here.

My Online Course Launch Strategy

The 3 main challenges that most people face when it comes to building and launching an online course: 

1. No list or small list.
2. Busy schedule.
3. Don't know how to put it all together, organize and deliver.

So I decided to create a FREE training video to show you the exact steps I follow to build my list, create and organize my course content, and the order in which I execute in every phase - from idea, planning, audience building, content creation, implementation to the actual launch.

No Audience? No List? No problem! 

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