February 21, 2021

Quiz-Based Lead Generation – How to Increase your Conversion Rate and Reduce Email Unsubscription Rate!

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I saw this quiz-based ad in my twitter feed this am and I was thinking...

When done right, a quiz-based lead generation will have a much higher conversion rate than other static lead generation methods. However, your quiz list will likely also have a higher number of unsubscribes!


Because people that signup for your quiz are eager to see their quiz outcome/results. They don't think of it as "opting-in to something" which is also why it results in a higher opt-in rate.

But if you want them to stay interested and subscribed, consider offering a free gift (free eBook or course) in a related topic.  Set clear expectations on the opt-in screen. Let them know what they will get when they sign up (and after).

It's important to keep this list separate from your other product lists. Build trust, continue to educate and provide value. And if they still unsubscribe, it's fine. It just means they are not the right prospects for you.

My quiz-based signup form for my free course has a high conversion rate and very low unsubscribe rate. At the end of the quiz, they can see the quiz results and also receive access to my free course. They are mainly subscribing to get access to my course, but the quiz helps me gather valuable insights about my prospects.

We also use a quiz on our Digital Access Pass (DAP) site and everyday I'm amazed at how our quiz funnel software is able to steer our prospects in the right direction, based on their answers to a few questions! More on that in this post.

You can add different types of quizzes at different stages of your marketing funnel. I talked about this in this post.

Check out this free report where I've shared 9 Powerful Tips that will help you increase your quiz engagement. You'll also learn how to actually implement these strategies on your site. 

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