February 23, 2021

The Most Customizable and Easy-to-use Shopping Cart Plugin for WordPress!

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SmartPayCart (SPC) is one of the most powerful, customizable and easy-to-use shopping cart plugin for WordPress. And it's made for DigitalAccessPass (DAP) - a membership plugin for WordPress. 

SPC is also unlike any other cart platform you may have used before. And while different is not always better, in case of SPC, it is... for many reasons! 

I'll get to that in a bit.

First, let's take  a look at some of the key features.

Watch This Video For A Quick Tour Of SPC!

From a drag & drop checkout page builder, order bumps,  ability to offer multiple payment plans, visual funnel builder, 1-click upsells, member's area upsells, pre-applied coupons, order receipts, dunning management, fulfillment options, EU Vat / GDPR support, full tracking & reporting, ability to create an instant storefront, you can do it all using SPC! 

You can use SPC to sell all kinds of products and services - one-off, subscriptions, payment plans, free, paid trial, etc.  

SPC supports for all types of buttons - buy now, add to cart, donation, pay-what-you-want and pay-per-post buttons. 

SPC will loaded with features designed to help you monetize your content. SPC is also very easy-to-use. All you have to do:

  • Enter your payment processor credentials in SPC >> Settings page.
  • Create & customize your checkout page (order form).
  • Create your products in DAP.
  • Start selling! Create Payment Buttons in SPC to sell your products.

That's it!

You only need to setup your payment processor credentials once. And unlike other cart platforms, you don't have to create and customize a checkout page for every product.  Just create your checkout page once.

SPC picks up product/pricing details from DAP. You don't have to create your products in SPC. 

All you have to do in SPC is...

1. Select the DAP product for which you want to create a payment button.
2. Publish the button on your sales page.
3. Start selling!

What makes SPC different?

 Here are some of features that makes SPC unique:

Multiple Order Bumps

Unlike most other cart platforms where you can offer just one order bump, you can create and offer multiple order bumps on your checkout page. From what I know, you cannot do this with any other cart plugins. 

Free Membership Trial as an Order Bump

You can offer a “Free Membership Trial” as an Order Bump. Most cart platform don’t support ‘free trial membership’ as an order bump.

Automated Membership Login

If you use DAP as your membership plugin, upon a successful purchase via a SPC-powered cart, your buyers will be automatically logged-in and can instantly download or access your product.

They don’t have to wait for a welcome email to login. 

Create & Customize your Checkout Page just ONCE!

Unlike other cart platforms where you need to create and customize your checkout page for every product, you don't have to do this in SPC!

Just create and customize your order form once and you can use it for all of your products! When you generate your payment buttons in SPC, just let it know the product name and the checkout page you want to use. SPC will dynamically populate products details on the checkout page. 

If you want to create different checkout forms for different products, you can, but you don't want to customize a new checkout template for each product, you don't  have to.

Want to create a new offer for your product? Just create a new buy button! 

In SPC, everything is customizable at "button-level". What this means is...

You don't have to create a new product for every new offer.

Just create your product once, and create different payment buttons for the same product - each with a different offer.

Whether you want to offer a special price, connect to a different upsell funnel, offer different payment options, payment plans, use a  different order form, offer a different coupon - just clone your buy button and change the offer - without having to create a new product for each offer, like you have to with other cart platforms.

Visual Funnel Builder

SPC comes with a unique “Visual Funnel Builder” that’ll allow you to build all types of sales funnel (unlimited 1-click upsells and downsells), no matter how complex your offer is, with the click of a few buttons.

1-Click Members-Area Upsell

You can also offer “1-Click Members-Area” upsell with Stripe.

All Types of Payment Buttons

You can create many different types of buttons - buy now, add-to-cart, donation, netflix-style-pay-per-post, pay-using-credits, pay-what-you-want, an instant storefront with your products, and so much more.

Instant Storefront

You can create an instant storefront using SPC. It's fully customizable in the backend. 


You can create a buy/rent button and allow users to purchase individual pieces of content such as audio, video, WordPress content, PDF files, etc., without having to create a product for each. You can also create a store for your content!


You can create a donation / pay-what-you-want button using SPC. You can also set a minimum amount.

Advanced checkout page builder

SPC comes with a very advanced drag/drop, click/edit checkout page builder that will allow you to create a fully customized look for your checkout. 

Create a Different Mobile View

Create a mobile-optimized view for your mobile users!

2-Step Order form

SPC also supports 2-step order forms (similar to ClickFunnels but with more customization options). 

Failed Payment Management

SPC/DAP support full-fledged dunning management.

Your users can update their credit card and billing info on your site. They can self-cancel their subscription. They can also pause and resume their subscription.

You can also setup automated emails that gets sent to your users when a subscription payment fails for any reason.

EU VAT / GDPR support

SPC is GDPR-complaint and fully supports EU Vat calculations.

Fulfillment Support

SPC comes with support for physical product fulfillment.

We've integrated SPC with ShipStation, Kunaki and Zapier so far but more integrations (Shippo, Vervante, etc.) coming soon. 

Here are the key features:

1. You can create different shipping options - standard, overnight, etc. You can create as many shipping options as you want.

2. You can enter an amount for each shipping option - for e.g. $4.99 for standard, $14.99 for overnight - configurable at product level.

3. You can configure SPC to show different options (on the checkout) based on the country. So if you want to make overnight available only to certain countries, you can specify country list.

4. You can select different fulfilment options for different products.
All of the above is configurable at product-level.

Multiple facebook Pixels

SPC support Multiple Facebook Pixels!

Say a 3rd party is providing services for your business and wants their pixel integrated so they too can track conversions, you can do that in SPC! You can configure multiple Facebook Pixels IDs in SPC settings page.

Bitcoin Payment

SPC also integrates with CoinPayments and BitPay! 

If you want to allow users to purchase using bitcoins, you can integrate SPC checkout page with CoinPayments or BitPay! 

Stripe, Authorize.net,  PayPal and RazorPay

SPC currently integrates with these payment processors - Stripe, Authorize.net, PayPal and RazorPay (in addition to BitPay & CoinPayments). More integrations coming soon!

SPC is different!

It's loaded with features designed to help you monetize your products in many different ways. And even though SPC is one of the most powerful shopping cart plugins for WordPress, it's very easy-to-use and setup! 

Don't have SPC? 

Don't wait.... Get started today! SPC is FREE with DAP elite and platinum licenses.

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