March 4, 2021

DAP v10 is here…

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I'm very excited to announce the release of DAP v10!

Another massive update loaded with features designed to help you build and grow a scalable and profitable membership site! 

Here are the key features:

Course Reports

In this release, we've made more improvements to DAP's built-in LMS! You'll now have access to all kinds of course reports/stats! We've now added a new reports view where you'll find overall totals, broken down at course level.

Here are the stats you can now track:

  • Total number of people that have joined your course.
  • Total # of people that have joined but didn't start yet.
  • Total # of people that have started but didn't complete.
  •  Total # of people that have completed the course.
  • Avg time spent on each course.

Also, when you click on the number, it'll show you a detailed student-level breakdown so you can see the student list under each category and their course/quiz progress. In an upcoming update, we'll also add an export feature so you can export a csv list of these users.

DAP's Unique Group Account Feature

Group Owners can now view course progress and quiz score/results of their subaccounts! 

Group Account Owners (teachers, team leads, coaches, etc.) can now track course progress of their sub-accounts. They can also check quiz answers/score and the time spent by their sub-accounts on each lesson.

Everything you need to know about DAP's group management feature, what it does and how it works is in in video.

All the details in this post

Protect your content in 6 new ways

We have taken "DAP Content Protection" to an entirely new level in this update!

See this post for step-by-step implementation details. 

Here are the new content protection options:

1. Protect your ENTIRE Site
Protect all of your membership content (except whitelisted content) with the click of a button.

2. Restrict Access to ALL Pages
Restrict access to ALL of your WordPress Pages (except whitelisted pages) with the click of a button.

3. Restrict Access to ALL Posts
If you want to restrict access to all of your WordPress Posts (except whitelisted posts), you can now do this in DAP. You won't have to manually protect each post in the DAP content responder tab.

4. Restrict Access to Tags
Restrict access to all of your tagged WordPress content (except whitelisted tags).

5. Restrict Access to Custom Posts
Restrict access to all of your custom posts (except whitelisted ones).

6. Restrict Historical Content

This is a feature where a membership plugin can automatically prevent users from accessing ANY content that was published before they joined. You don't have to manually protect content under each product. If users want access to the past content, they can unlock it by upgrading their membership or purchasing an add-on.

Bulk Add and Remove

You can now bulk protect your content. You can also protect it under multiple products at once in the DAP Products Page >> Content Responder tab.

You can select multiple posts/pages (no limit) and click the "bulk protect content" button. It'll open up a popup where you can also select all products under which you want all of the content protected. 

Filter By Course Progress

In the DAP >> Courses >> Manage Students page, you can now filter by "In-Progress" and "Completed" Status. More options coming soon!

All of these features are included in DAP v10! 

Even though DAP has come a LONG way in the last couple of years and there are no membership plugins that are as scalable and flexible as DAP, I'm not satisfied! We are going to continue to make DAP better for you - both in terms of features and ease-of-use. 

Stay turned!

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My Online Course Launch Strategy

The 3 main challenges that most people face when it comes to building and launching an online course: 

1. No list or small list.
2. Busy schedule.
3. Don't know how to put it all together, organize and deliver.

So I decided to create a FREE training video to show you the exact steps I follow to build my list, create and organize my course content, and the order in which I execute in every phase - from idea, planning, audience building, content creation, implementation to the actual launch.

No Audience? No List? No problem! 

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