March 6, 2021

How to Create a Membership Content Store

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Did you know you can use DigitalAccessPass (DAP) and SmartPayCart (SPC) to create an INSTANT Content Store for your WordPress Content?

I'm not talking about a "Product Store". I'm talking about a "Content Store".

The cool thing about this feature is:

  • You don't have to create a product for each piece of content you want to sell online.
  • You don't even have to create buy buttons for each piece of content.

Such a powerful and easy way to start selling your content online! 

Watch this short video for a quick demo of this feature.

You can create a Netflix-style buy or rent button to sell individual pieces of content, without creating a product or a buy button to sell each piece of content.

So say that you have 50 - 100 videos and you don't want to create a product for each video. The pay-per-post feature in DAP will allow you to sell access to your videos without creating a product for each video.

It's one of the easiest and fastest ways to start selling your content online. And it's really easy to setup!

You can do this in 2 different ways in DAP:

1. Pay-Per-Post

You can just enable pay-per-post option for the content you want to sell. Your users will have to option to buy it, rent it or just purchase membership to get access to all of your content.

Watch this video to see how to implement this in a few easy steps.

2. Content Store

You can create a content store using SPC. Select content (pages or posts) you want to make available in your store.

SPC will create an instant store. It'll look just like a product store but there's no product here. It's a WordPress content store! 

Watch the video above for a quick demo of this feature.

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