April 4, 2021

A Simple Thank You Page Strategy!

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I don't sign up for $2k courses. Instead I follow these marketers and sign up for all of their freebies. I pay attention to their marketing and sales strategies. Their landing page design, copy, welcome email, follow up emails, order form design, even their bump offer :-).

But mainly their "thank you page" design and content!

Your thank you page can play such a vital role in the lead nurturing and conversion process but it gets overlooked often.

Start the Lead Nurturing Process

If a lead makes it to your thank you page, it means they are interested in your content. They found your offer relevant. 

Many people focus on "what can I upsell" on the thank you page. When a cold prospect signs up for your freebie, you are wasting their time and attention (plus the golden opportunity you have to learn more about them), by immediately selling to them.

Most people are not going to buy from you the moment they signup for your freebie, especially if they just found you through a google search or a Facebook ad and don't know much about you. 

So what can you offer your leads on the thank you page? 

You can use your thank you page to start the lead nurturing process. Use it to get instant feedback and learn about their specific needs and challenges of your prospects. 

Some Ideas for your Thank You Page

  • Just confirm the conversion. Let them know what to expect next. 
  • Get your prospects to follow you on Social. Join your Group / Community.
  • Upsell related products and services.
  • Offer free 15-minute consultation.
  • A welcome video detailing the next steps.
  • Show social proof through testimonials to build trust.
  • Offer to join your masterclass on a related topic.
  • Free 7-day challenge offer to continue the process of lead nurturing.
  • A list of free content - podcast episode, YouTube video, etc. on related topic. 
  • A simple survey to get feedback and learn more about your prospects.

One Question Survey

One thing I've noticed recently is how well-known marketers such as Amy Porterfield and Jeff Walker are sending users that signup for their free masterclass to an intermediate page with a "one question survey"!

I've shared this in detail in module #2 of my free course Let's build an Online Course so if you have not signed up yet, be sure to signup. I've shared several simple, profitable, actionable strategies like this in this course. 

Learn about your Audience and Segment!

Recently, I signed up for Amy Porterfield's free masterclass on how to turn your expertise into a digital course.

I was curious to see her thank you page content.

After I signed up, I was redirected a page with a simple one question survey designed to learn more about the prospects that will be attending her masterclass. 

She uses the answers to tag her prospects and add them to the right bucket. After they answer the question, she then sends them to the final thank you page with details about the masterclass.

Just a simple, yet highly effective one question survey because it helps her learn more about the prospects that will be attending her masterclass and create content specifically designed to address those challenges and concerns.

A few days later I noticed an email from Jeff Walker about his product launch masterclass. 

When I signed up, I was sent to an intermediate one question survey page, similar to what Amy Porterfield does with her masterclass.

After I picked an answer, I was then redirected to the final landing page with details about the master class, next steps, etc.

Want to create a flow similar to this?

It's so easy to setup a flow similar to this using our membership plugin DigitalAccessPass.com and our quiz/survey plugin SmartQuizBuilder.com.

  • Create your FREE Product in DAP.
  • Configure it to redirect users to your survey page when they signup. 
  • Create a survey page using Smart Quiz Builder where all you need to do is ask a few questions to learn more about your prospects and where they are at their journey, their specific challenges. Ask one-question-at-a-time so you don't overwhelm your prospects.
  • Configure the survey to redirect users to the final landing page / thank you page after they answer the questions.
  • On the thank you page, add a welcome video detailing the next steps.
  • Display social proof (testimonials and proof of opt-ins) to build trust.
  • Get them to join your community, follow you on social, etc.
  • You'll find detailed reports in SQB reports page.  Check the survey responses and then design content to address the specific concerns of each segment.

That's it! Instead of just a thank you page, adding an intermediate page will help you gather more information about your prospects and then you can still send to the final thank you page if you want to upsell other products and services!

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