April 10, 2021

How to Build a Lead Magnet Quiz Funnel!

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Static Forms are Boring and Predictable

A typical user experience when there is a static opt-in form: 

1. You see an ad on Facebook.
2. You are interested in the freebie.
3. You click on it and land on the site.
4. There's the usual boring opt-in form and a whole bunch of text explaining the benefits.
5. You skim through the content and signup.
6. You land on the thank you page where you see a message that says...

"You'll receive an email with your login credentials in 10-15 minutes.
While you are waiting... please watch this video".

And you are like...
"I already got the email. What are you trying to upsell me?"  :-).

So predictable and boring! 

You download the freebie. It goes to a folder that you'll likely never look at again.
You continue to receive more follow-up emails from this person. You unsubscribe. 

The End.

Result: ZERO engagement. No connection with the brand. 

Sounds familiar?

Replace Static Forms with an Interactive Quiz

Now imagine this...

Say instead of a static form, you had an interactive "lead magnet" quiz on your site! 

A typical user experience when the form is interactive:

1. You see an ad on Facebook.
2. You are interested in the freebie.
3. You click on it and land on the site.
4. You notice an "Is this <Product> Right for You?" button.
5. You click on it and there are a few single/multiple choice questions related to the content of your interest.
6. The final question is an open-ended "Anything else you want to tell us?" with a textbox where you can let them know if there is anything specific you need help with.
7. You enter your name and email.
8. You are taken to a page with not just the download but also a very personalized recommendation / solution to your problem!

The recommendation is so smart and relevant that you wonder... how do they know me so well?

RESULT: Your prospects feel understood! 

As a content creator, you can use the answers to segment your prospects into the right bucket and create targeted and personalized content for them, which naturally builds connection and trust. 

You can start the lead nurturing process the moment someone clicks the button to take the quiz. 

What exactly is a Lead Magnet Quiz?

A lead magnet quiz will allow you to ask your prospects a series of questions and after they answer all of the questions, you can have them opt-in to see the results.  As they are invested in learning the results of the quiz, they are very likely to enter their contact information.

Interactive content such as a lead magnet quiz provides a far richer experience for users than static content and have been shown to increase customer engagement and conversion.

Want to Build a Lead Magnet Quiz? 

Watch this 8-minute, Step-by-Step Video to see how you can easily build a Lead Magnet Quiz!

Want to build a lead magnet quiz but not sure how to set it up? 

Just watch this short video. 

I've shared the exact steps to build a lead magnet quiz. I've also shared 2 different examples to show you how I build my lead magnet quizzes. 


1. Take this quiz to find out if DAP is the right Membership Plugin for You.

1. Signup for my FREE Course - Let's build an Online Course and see a lead magnet quiz in action.

Make your Prospects feel Understood

A customized and personalized recommendation will make your prospects feel understood. But don't stop there.

Use follow-up emails to repeat back their pain points to them because by doing so, you are letting them  know that you are listening, paying attention and you understand their needs.  

The data you collect will help you understand who are you dealing with, what are their specific needs, what problem do they want solved and how you can design a program to help them in the most efficient way.

This will help you improve your product/content to address the specific challenges of your audience in a much better way.

And a lead magnet quiz has a much higher conversion rate! The average conversion rate of a lead magnet quiz is 50%!

You can still allow your users to download your freebie after they opt-in, but in addition, you can offer personalized advice based on the answers to the questions in your quiz.

The Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress

He built a "Vacation Recommendation" quiz using SQB. You'll find a detailed, really awesome, step-by-step video in this post.

After using and testing SQB on his site, he called it "The Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress" :-). 

If you use an interactive lead magnet quiz once, you'll never go back to a static form ever again!

It's a win-win for you and your audience!

Don't have Smart Quiz Builder

Don't wait!

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