September 15, 2021

More improvements to DAP’s LMS! DAP v13.4 is here…

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Effortless Course Creation!

Whether you use a LMS or a membership plugin (not named DAP), you can do courses that look like every other course.

Or you can do courses using DAP's LMS that'll stand out (see image below) and is fully gamified with gifts, animations, points, badges, etc. Totally unique course experience!

And that's not it!

You are not going to find a course builder as easy as DAP's built-in builder where you don't have to create anything in WordPress!

I'm using DAP's course builder for my upcoming course where I'm going to show how install and setup a free helpdesk software for your membership site. It literally took me 20 minutes to put it all together, including gamification elements! 

What's included in DAP v13.4.x?

  • Set a Parent Page

You can now set a 'parent' page when you create a course in DAP. All lessons will be created under this page.

Also, if you update the slug in WP for the parent or the lessons, it'll automatically get updated in DAP. No need to re-protect the content in DAP! 

  • New Resource Element in Lesson Builder

When you click on the edit lesson button in the lesson builder, it'll allow you to move lessons from 1 module to another. 

  • Updated Animations

We've made more updates to the course gamification options. One of the things we have done is updated where the lesson complete animation shows up and also the default animation gifs! 

  • Gamify your course

Double your course engagement using simple gamification elements! You can now add emojis in your messages displayed to the user!

  • Move lessons from one module to another (in a built-in template).

When you click on the edit lesson button in the lesson builder, it'll allow you to move lessons from 1 module to another. 

  • URL/Slug update in WordPress will automatically update DAP

If you update the URL / slug of a protected page in WordPress directly, the new URL will replace the old one in DAP automatically. You'll not have to manually protect the new permalink / URL in DAP lesson builder.

  • Performance Improvements

The courses tab was loading slowly. This is now resolved! We've now updated the stats option where the total numbers where displayed to only load on request and not on page load.

  • Update Course Outline Format

Improved course outline design. Check out the new course outline design (left sidebar) in this image. Everything is fully customizable! 

  • Updated Delete Functionality

We've updated the course delete feature where if there are users connected to the course, DAP will allow you to click a button to remove all access to the product and then delete the product. You won't have to do this manually.

As you can, there are several cool updates in this release! This update makes course creation easier than ever before using DAP's built-in course template! It's a BETA release. If you have a live/busy site, please do not upgrade yet. 

Don't have DAP?

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