September 1, 2021

Member Management Easier than EVER

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Managing a membership site is not easy so we are always looking to add features that can save you time and effort. 

When you use a membership plugin, you probably spend a lot of time managing products, members and payment orders. With this in mind, we focused on simplifying DAP's product and course  creation/management flow in the last update

With a simple wizard-style interface, DAP's product/course creation process is the best you'll find in the membership plugin world! 

As we continue to make DAP more intuitive and user friendly, I'm excited to let you know that we've made major improvements to DAP's member management interface in our latest release - DAP v13.3!

When you click on user's name or email in DAP Members >> Manage page, a side popup will open up where you'll find all the details such as:

  • User's Login History (all login attempts, login date, etc.)
  • Order details. Select date range and you'll find all orders placed by the selected member right there.
  • Group Account Management (if you offer group membership)
  • Custom Field Details
  • Member Profile (account details, billing info, etc.)
  • If account is locked, you'll find the locked status in the account information section and you can click a button to unlock locked accounts.

Everything loads instantly via ajax without a full page reload. A huge time saver. We've retired the old Edit Member interface.

In this update, we've also made it easy for course creators to manage students. You'll find students under different categories - enrolled, in-progress, completed, etc. in the Manage Students tab under Courses.

This is a BETA release so if you have a busy/active site, please do not upgrade to this version yet. 

Building a membership site using DAP is easier-than-ever! 

Watch this video for a full DEMO of the new DAP!

Not sure how to get started with a membership site? In this post, I've shared "a simple way to launch your membership site!"!

Get started with DAP today!

Whether it's building a rewards-based membership, pay-per-view content, advanced learning management features, converting from static content to interactive content, group management or just the core membership features, DAP is the only membership plugin that can do it all!

Don't have DAP? Don't wait!

Get started today! 

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