January 9, 2022

Easy way to make some Money from your Membership Site!

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Easy way to make some $$$

I saw a tweet that inspired this post. 

Your Goal:

Let’s say this is your goal this year is $50K

Here’s how you can get to it:

  • $4,200/month
  • $140/day
  • 7 sales of $20 / day (or 4 sales of $35)


  • 700 views @ 1% conversion, or
  • 467 views @ 1.5% conversion, or
  • 350 views @ 2% conversion, or
  • 140 views @ 5% conversion

Easiest way to get to this number?

  • Start a Membership site.

What products should you offer?

  • Multiple Lead Magnets
  • Courses
  • Challenges (free + paid)
  • Membership

What will convert the best?

  • Both FREE and PAID Challenges

Why do challenges convert at a higher rate?

  • It has a start and an end date. People feel like they will be more accountable as there is a deadline. 
  • A sense of community– everyone is doing the challenge together, at the same time.
  • People don’t want to be left behind when they are in a challenge. Challenges make it much easier to get users to take your desired action.

How to offer a challenge from your Membership site?

Watch this Step-by-Step Video:

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