March 2, 2022

How to use a 100 Percent Discount Offer to Grow your Membership Site!

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Our shopping cart platform - Smart Pay Cart (SPC) now supports 100% discount coupons!

This means:

  • You can make your PAID products completely FREE for your users. They won't have to enter card details to purchase it. They can signup for FREE using a 100% discount coupon.
  • If it's a subscription product, you can make the first payment completely free (using 100% discount coupon). Users will still have to enter their card details (or signup via PayPal) for future subscription payments.

Watch this video to see step-by-step how this works and how to set it up!

There are so many different ways you can use a 100% discount offer to grow your membership site.

Action-Based Rewards

You can allow users to unlock 100% discount coupon ONLY if they take the action you want them to take.

For e.g., if they:

  • Fully complete your course.
  • Leave you a review after completing your course.
  • Engage with your content - like, comment, share, retweet, etc.
  • Help you promote your content (referrals).
  • Follow you on social - YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Use 100% discount (to a product they value) as an incentive/reward for action takers.

Identify what is important for the growth of your business and reward users when they complete those tasks!

Invite-only Access Program

One of our users shared in my Facebook Group how she plans on using the 100% discount offer and I thought it's a brilliant idea! 

""I am creating an invite-only access program where members will be able to click a custom designed "mailto link" and invite a friend by email to my free product."

  • Send an invite-only email to your top affiliates.
  • The pre-designed email content includes their affiliate link and the 100% discount code for the friend to use.
  • Their referrals will get the first month OFF when they signup using the 100% discount code. 
  • Using the referral link stats, you can see who is bringing you new users.
  • And using DAP's unique Referral Bonus Rules feature, you can even give FREE 1 month access to the referrers (that are paying monthly for your membership) by extending their subscription payment due date by a month!

Another great way to get more people to signup for your membership!

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