February 28, 2022

Course Completion Rate vs Course Conversion Rate

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What's more important? Conversion Rate or Completion Rate?

I've a lead magnet with a very high conversion rate and great engagement.

This lead magnet is a FREE Course.

Most people that start the course at least finish the first 2 modules.

So what's the problem?

The problem is the "course completion rate".

If you just want people to join your list and grow your list size, you can certainly do things to increase your conversion rate.

But that's the wrong metric to focus on

Don't blindly focus on improving course conversions when people that are joining are not even starting your course, or they start but quit after a few lessons.

What you need to track is the "course completion rate".

The reason I've low completion rate on one of my lead magnet courses is because it's a LONG Course.

It takes learners several hours to complete it.

Keep your Lead Magner Short and Simple

Keep your lead magnet short and simple.

Don't pack it with everything you know.

Solve one simple problem for your prospects.

If it's a mini-course, it should be something your audience can consume in max 1/2 hour, ideally 10-15 minutes.

Track your Course Completion Rate

  • Track your course completion rate. You can easily do this using DigitalAccessPass.com. 
  • Track where most learners are dropping out. DAP's extensive course reporting feature will show you which lessons students have completed, where they dropped off.
  • Get their feedback on why they left. You can add a survey at the end of each module in your course to get feedback from students instead of waiting until the end of the course. You can easily do this using our quiz and survey platform - SmartQuizBuilder.com .
  • Use feedback to update your course content.
  • Send a course reminder email to bring back learners to your site and encourage them to complete your course. Watch this video to see how to set it up.

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