June 26, 2020

How to build a Fully Automated, SMART, Tag-driven Membership Site!

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How to use Tags to Protect your Membership Content, Track your Customer's Journey, and Trigger Different Automations!

Simple, Easy & INSANELY Powerful!

 A must-watch video for anyone looking to build a tag-based, SMART, Fully-Automated membership site

How to implement Tag-Based Automations in your Membership Site!

traditional membership site is where you create your products/levels, and protect your content under it. Users purchase your product. They can access the content that you have made available under the product.

tag-based membership site is where you can use tags for content protection, assign tags to your members based on different events and activities, and setup full-fledged tag-based membership and marketing automations. It's a modern, smart way of doing membership sites.

Most membership plugins support creation of traditional membership sites. A few membership platforms support tag-based membership sites. 

DAP is one of the few, if not the only membership plugin, that can do both, and do it really well! Everything is managed by DAP, so unlike other plugins, you will NOT need a 3rd-party plugin to create / manage tag-based automations!

A Tag-Based Membership Site

A tag-driven membership site is where everything is controlled by tags.

  • Protect Content using Tags
  • Action / Activity-based tags: Members are assigned different tags based on their activity / action in your membership site.
  • Automations: Trigger different automations based on tags.

Content Protection Tags

You can protect your content using tags.

First, do a "quick edit" of your content (pages/posts) that you want to protect using tags, and assign the right tags.

Next, you can setup rules in DAP Products >> Tags page where you can say:  "Any content with a specific tag is only available to members that have access to any of the configured products.

Tag-Based Automations in your Membership Site

For e.g., content tagged as [Silver], can be accessed by anyone that has signed up for Silver, Gold or Platinum levels. Content tagged as [Gold], can be accessed by Gold or Platinum levels.

After you set up your tag rules in the DAP Products >> Tags page, whenever you create any new piece of content in WordPress, just give it the right tag, and it'll automatically become available to members with access to the right products.

Watch video above to see how it works.

Tag-Based Automations in your Membership Site

Action / Activity-based tags

You can assign (and/or remove) member tags when any of these events happen:

1. Purchase Tags
-> Users purchase your one-time products
-> Users purchase your course
-> Users purchase your subscription
-> Users make a recurring payment

2. Lead Magnet tags
-> Users sign up for any of your freebies

Tag-Based Automations in your Membership Site

3. Course & Lesson Completion Tags
-> When users complete your course.
-> When users complete different lessons in your course.

4. Cart Abandonment Tags
When users abandon your cart and do not complete purchase. 

5. Failed Purchase Tags
When users try to make a purchase but it fails for any reason.

Tag-Based Automations

You can setup different automation rules based on tags. 

1. Notify your email platform

When users get a specific tag (or lose a tag), you can set up an automation to add the subscriber (with tag) to your email platform such as ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip, AWeber, MailChimp, MailerLite, etc (or connect with Zapier).

Tag-Based Automations in your Membership Site

For e.g., if users abandon your cart, you can assign them an "abandoned" tag, and set up rules to automatically send them an email, where you can offer an additional bonus or discount to bring them back to your site! 

Tag-Based Automations in your Membership Site

2. Give users access to a BONUS product

When users get a certain tag, you can give users access to a product in DAP, or remove their access from a product. For e.g., if they complete a course, and you want to give them access to another course or a product, you can do that.

3.  Trigger Email Notifications

You can setup rules to trigger email automations using DAP's built-in autoresponder. If you want to send users an email when they get a specific tag (or lose one), you can do that using DAP.

You can add multiple automation rules for the same tag.

 As you can see, the possibilities are endless! You can track a customer's journey in your membership site, using tags. You'll find all the details in the Tag Reports page. 


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