October 12, 2020

How to Create & Award Course Certificates!

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DAP's NEW Certificate Feature!

How to Create & Award Course Certificates - Using DAP!

Watch this Video for all the Details!

You can now create, fully customize and award certificates

to your users when they complete your course! 

STEP 1: Create a Certificate

You can create a certificate in the DAP >> Courses >> Certificates Page. Give the certificate a name, upload a logo, customize the certificate and save it. Watch the video above for all the details.

You can use the same certificate for all of your courses in DAP or create different ones for each. DAP will automatically replace the merge tags with the student name and the course name.

STEP 2: Assign Certificate to your Course

  • You can select your course and assign a certificate to it. 
  • You can configure DAP to automatically display a "Download Certificate" button when users complete the course.
  • You can also insert the download certificate button shortcode in your member home page.

STEP 3: Download all Certificates

You can create a download all certificates shortcode for your courses. Publish it in your member home page. It'll display a table with all of the courses and the certificates that the logged-in members have earned. You can also specify what courses should be displayed in that table.

Be sure to watch the video above to see step-by-step how to setup a course in DAP and how to automatically display a download certificate button when your students complete your course!

DAP v8.6.9 / LiveLinks v5.6.9 (Beta Release)

This feature is part of DAP v8.6.9 / LiveLinks v5.6.9 (or above). 

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