December 11, 2020

Manage your Courses using DAP’s Built-in LMS!

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Create & Manage your Online Courses

using DAP's built-in LMS!

DAP comes with an advanced Built-In Learning Management System for your Courses! You won't need an external LMS when you use DAP!

Here are some of the key features of DAP's built-in LMS.

1) Manage Courses

You can now manage everything - all of your courses, students, quizzes, certificates, etc., from the NEW manage courses page.  

You can do this in DAP Products >> Courses tab.

2) Gamified Course

You can award your students points for completing lessons, modules, courses. You can use animation (built-in or your own) to make the whole experience of taking your course a LOT more fun and exciting for your students.

Watch video to see how you can do this in a few easy steps! 

Signup for my FREE course - Let's build an Online Course and complete all the lessons in the "Gamification Module" to learn about different ways to gamify your Membership Site - including points for different actions such as social share, referrals, course and lesson completion, 

3) Assessments/Scoring quizzes

You can add all types of quizzes to your lessons. Allow students to retake quiz. Set a max retry limit, etc.

Blocking Quiz: You can configure DAP/SQB to only allow students to access the next lesson if they pass the quiz or complete the quiz. 

Watch this video on how to add blocking quizzes (created using our plugin - to your course in DAP. is the most powerful and customizable Quiz and Survey plugin for WordPress. Other similar platforms cost anywhere from $40/mo to $100/mo.

SQB is FREE with DAP Elite License! Or you can purchase it for a one-time fee of just $69.

4) Certificates

You can configure DAP to automatically award a certificate to your students when they complete your course. 

You'll find all the details in this post.

5) Manage Students

You can monitor student progress, see how much time your students are spending one each lesson, are they just marking the lesson as complete or actually completing it, and more! You'll find their quiz answers/results, certificates, etc. You'll find this in DAP products page >> Courses >> Manage Students tab.

6) Badges

Award different badges when your students complete your course or for different actions. You can do this using (GoP) - our Gamification Plugin for DAP.

7) Member Engagement Dashboard

Say your members log in to your DAP membership site and find this in the members area:

1. Their name and picture (gravatar) for a more personalized member home page. And a change image button that lets them change/update their profile image.
1. All the badges they have earned.
2. All the certificates they have earned.
3. All the courses they have completed.
4. All the courses they started but didn't complete. What % is still left?
Something as simple as a progress bar acts like a map for your users. They know where they are in the process. They know how far they’ve got to go.
5. All the courses they enrolled in but didn't start.
6. All the courses they have not yet signed up for (upsell).
7. How many points they earned that day and the total points.
8. Their points journey in your membership site.

A members area where you can show members all of their accomplishments!

Imagine what it can do for your audience engagement! 

It'll allow you to make your membership site fun and addictive. It'll help you create positive user experiences. And positive user experience leads to better engagement, loyalty and higher sales.

This is exactly what you can do using DAP's new and unique Member Engagement Builder! 

And you can set this up in less than one minute! It's that easy!

Check out all the details in this post.

My Online Course Launch Strategy

I recently surveyed my audience to find out their main challenges when it comes to building and launching an online course. 

This question has helped me gather a ton of data and understand the problems my prospects are dealing with, when it comes to creating and launching an online course.

The 3 main challenges that most people face when it comes to building and launching an online course: 

1. No list or small list.
2. Busy schedule.
3. Don't know how to put it all together, organize and deliver.

So I decided to create a FREE training video to show you the exact steps I follow to build my list, create and organize my course content, and the order in which I execute in every phase - from idea, planning, audience building, content creation, implementation to the actual launch.

Veena Prashanth - This is the shortest yet most powerful implementation course I have ever taken... It simplifies the course creation process so much that I will definitely be using this on my next course.

Thanks for all you share, Veena. You have a true fan here.

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FREE: Let's Build an Online Course

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Once your complete the course, you'll be able to build your own course confidently, without any stress or overwhelm!

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Need help with planning

 and implementation?

Done for YOU!

DAP is easy-to-use and setup. However, we also offer FREE 3 hours of one-on-one concierge calls with DAP's Elite License  (Monthly / Annual). We share our screen on the call so you can actually see and learn with us. 

The 3 hours of time can be used for membership site planning, brainstorm strategy and implementation.

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