June 4, 2021

What makes DAP’s LMS better than other Membership Plugins?

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DAP is a membership and LMS plugin, It comes with a built-in, advanced learning management system for your courses. If you use DAP as your membership plugin, you'll not need an external LMS for your courses! 

You can do it all in DAP! 

So what makes DAP's LMS better than all other membership plugins?  

Watch this behind-the-scenes video to see what separates DAP's LMS from the basic ones that come with other membership plugins!

Watch this video to see step-by-step how you can use DAP to create & deliver a successful and profitable online course!

You'll also learn how to:

  • Double your course completion rate.
  • Gamify your course experience.
  • Give points for different actions - such as when users complete a lesson or pass a quiz.
  • Add a blocking quiz.
  • Build your entire course in DAP using DAP's unique course builder.

DAP v12.x is now available for download

DAP v12.x is now available for download! This release comes with several updates to DAP's built-in LMS!

=> You can add a blocking quiz where students need to pass the quiz with a certain grade to go to the next lesson.

=> Award points when users complete your quiz.

=> Send a course completion reminder email for those that started but didn't complete your course.

=> More improvements to member dashboard builder.

=> Security features - block by IP, country, domain or email ID.

Watch this video for all the details!

Key Features

DAP Security:  Block Users by IP, Country, Domain, Email

If you want to block certain IPs, domains, email accounts, countries from getting access to your products in DAP, check out our new "User Blocking Rules" page under DAP admin >> setup >> User Blocking Rules. You'll find a full report of blocked users/IPs etc. in the reports tab.

Course Reminder:  Automate reminder Emails

Now you can automate course reminders!

If your users enroll but don't start the course, or start but don't complete it, you can setup course reminder rules to automatically send email reminders to these users. The content of this email is fully customizable. You can configure the total number of times you want the reminder to be sent.

Watch this video above to see how you can set it up!

Blocking Quiz:  Users need to pass the quiz to access Lessons

Now you can create your quiz in SmartQuizBuilder.com and add the quiz to your lessons as you build your course in DAP! It's part of the lesson builder in DAP. You can click on the "Add Quiz" button in the DAP lesson builder to add a quiz to your lessons. You don't have to setup the integration in SQB anymore. You can set it up in DAP.

When you add a blocking quiz, you can specify the passing criteria. If users don't pass the quiz, they can't access the next lesson in your course.

You can allow users to retake the quiz and set a max retake limit. You need to be on SmartQuizBuilder (SQB) v8.3 (or above) to use the new quiz features and GameOfPoints (GoP) v3.4 (or above) to use the new quiz points feature.

Watch this video above to see how you can set it up!

Member Engagement Builder

More improvements to DAP's unique Member Engagement Builder!
You can now add both hide list and show list for each section in the member dashboard. 

Points for Quiz: award points when users pass the quiz!

Now you can give users points when they complete your quiz (created in SmartQuizBuilder.com) or when the pass the quiz! 

You can specify passing criteria and number of points at quiz level. Users will earn points only if they meet the criteria. You can also get DAP to display a popover when users earn quiz points!

You need to be on SmartQuizBuilder (SQB) v8.3 (or above) to use the new quiz features and GameOfPoints (GoP) v3.4 (or above) to use the new quiz points feature.

Watch this video above to see how you can set it up!

DAP is fast becoming an all-in-one membership and course solution. You no longer have to pay for an external LMS plugin. Whether you want to sell memberships, one-off products, courses, digital downloads, you can do it all using DAP!

Many users are migrating their courses from external platforms to DAP.

See this post on you can use DAP to replace other LMS plugins such as LearnDash.

Building a membership site using DAP is easier-than-ever! 

Not sure how to get started with a membership site? In this post, I've shared "a simple way to launch your membership site!"!

Get started with DAP today!

Whether it's building a rewards-based membership, pay-per-view content, advanced learning management features, converting from static content to interactive content, group management or just the core membership features, DAP is the only membership plugin that can do it all!

Don't have DAP? Don't wait!

Get started today! 

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